Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Black stickers on houses: Police say no need for worry

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In the wake of appearance of a kind of black stickers on walls and windows of houses, Kerala State Police Chief Loknath Behera has come out with explanation. “In this case, there is no need for worry. All police stations and control rooms have been alerted. These stickers are being rumoured as the ones put up by child kidnappers’ gangs, in order to identify houses with child members. However, it is not yet confirmed that the sticker is Over the past few days, the news had spread extensively that stickers belonged to gangs that kidnapped children. Seeing such stickers on certain houses, the parents had started panicking and calling up police stations to inform this. On the wall of a certain house a star mark was also made using black ink. Meanwhile, the police are bemused over appearance of same type of stickers in different parts of the State. They believe that it is an attempt made some miscreants to create scare among the public.

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