Sunday, June 30, 2019

Services cancelled, crisis to get worse tomorrow

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: An acute crisis ensued in the KSRTC following the dismissal of 2107 temporary drivers on the basis of the Supreme Court order. With this, several services were cancelled all over the state. So far, more than 200 services have been cancelled. Reliable sources from KSRTC said by tomorrow more than 500 services will be cancelled. With this, the crisis will get worse. South Kerala will be the worst affected. As the strike by private and interstate buses are still continuing, the crisis may affect this sector also.

Almost forty services have been cancelled in Kottarakkara alone. 21 services were cancelled in Kottayam, 20 each in Pathanamthitta and Thiruvalla. 24 services in three depots in Wayanad were cancelled. The figures of other places have not been obtained. As per division bench’s ruling of April 8, drivers who have been on temporary work for more than 180 days should be sacked before April 30. Though approached the Supreme Court against the order, the apex court upheld to dismiss them. The court too pronounced to terminate the temporary drivers before June 30. The procedure was as follows. 1479 drivers were dismissed in Thiruvananthapuram, 257 in central region and 371 in northern region.

However, those terminated can be reinstated for the next 179 days. Procedures for this have already started. The corporation is interested in allowing temporary employees to continue rather than hiring those from the PSC list.

Rajkumar was subjected to brutal torture, mentions post mortem report

KOCHI: The post mortem report revealed that Rajkumar taken into custody in a financial fraud case, was subjected to brutal torture. The report mentioned that there were 22 injuries all over his body. Pneumonia following internal injuries is pointed as the reason for his death. He was not given even a drop of water before his death, the report hinted.

Doctors who conducted the post mortem found 22 injures on his body. Of the 22 injuries, 15 were injuries and the rest were bruises. Four abnormal bruises were found on his thighs and toes. His fingers were also injured. All this shows that he was subjected to third degree methods and brutal torture. Although the cause of death is pneumonia, the report hints police’ brutal torture. The doctors said without getting proper food subjecting him to torture may have led to pneumonia. The injuries seen in his body were due to brutal torture.

Meantime, the investigating team is of the stand that a detailed probe is needed to find how he sustained the injuries. The post-mortem report is believed to have ample evidence supporting the allegation of custodial torture. To confirm it the statement of all doctors who examined Rajkumar will be recorded. In the meanwhile, the investigating team has taken into custody the hard disc containing the sensational CCTV clippings of the Nedumkandam police station. The decision of the team is to examine it after submitting it in the court. It was alleged that the clippings on the day he was taken into custody was deleted.

I represent inclusive India, says Nusrat Jahan on fatwa over attire

NEW DELHI: After being criticised for sporting vermilion and bangles and not wearing a ‘burqa’ in Parliament, actor-turned-politician Nusrat Jahan said that she represents an “inclusive India”.

“I represent an inclusive India which is beyond the barriers of caste, creed and religion,” Jahan said in a statement that she later shared on Twitter.

She also wrote that she “respects all religions”.

“I still remain a Muslim and none should comment on what I choose to wear. Faith is beyond attire and is more about believing and practicing the invaluable doctrines of all religions,” Jahan said.

Criticising her “un-Islamic” post-marriage appearance at her oath-taking ceremony in Parliament on June 25, a group of Muslim clerics had issued a ‘fatwa’ against the newly-married Member of Parliament.

Jahan tied the knot with businessman Nikhil Jain on June 19.

Modi reminds people of Emergency; says don't take democracy for granted

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday reminded people of the Emergency and urged them not to take democracy "for granted", saying in day-to-day life, it is difficult to savour the joy of democratic rights, unless they are snatched away.

In his first 'Mann ki Baat' monthly radio address after returning to power, he said everyday when one gets to eat food on time, one doesn't realize what hunger pangs are.

"Similarly, in day-to-day life, it is difficult to savour the joy of democratic rights, unless they are snatched away. During Emergency, every citizen of the country had started getting the feeling that something that belonged to him had been snatched away. If what was snatched had never been enjoyed by that person, ever, it had to eventually precipitate into a painful inner agony," he said.

The prime minister reminded people that in order to ensure smooth conduct of the social order, a constitution is required. "Laws and rules are necessary, rights and duties should be part of due discourse," he said.

On June 25, India marked the 44th anniversary of Emergency.

In 1977 Lok Sabha elections, the PM said, people voted without bothering about other rights and requirements.

They voted, he said, "just for the sake of saving democracy. And the country had witnessed one such Election in 1977."

"When something is in close proximity of us, we tend to underestimate its importance. We ignore even amazing facts about it. We have been blessed with a democracy so invaluable, yet we take it for granted so easily," he said.

Modi was of the view that people must keep reminding themselves that democracy is "gloriously great, it flows in our veins, through centuries of dedicated practice."

Referring to the recently-concluded Lok Sabha election, he said a record 61 crore out of nearly 91 crore voters exercised their franchise.

"If you exclude China, the number of people who voted in India exceeds the population of any other country in the world. The number of people who voted in the 2019 Lok Sabha election is more than the entire population of America, close to double the figure. The total number of voters in India exceeds the entire population of Europe," said in his address.

He pointed out that lakhs of teachers, officers and staff strived day and night to carry out the exercise.

Three lakh personnel of the central armed police forces, 20 lakh state police personnel ensured free and fair elections.

"Besides this, there is another fact pertaining to these elections that swells our hearts with pride. Perhaps, this is the first time ever that women have enthusiastically voted, as much as men did. This time the ratio of men and women who voted was almost the same.

"Another encouraging fact is that, today, there are a record 78 women Members of Parliament. I congratulate the Election Commission and every person connected with the electioneering process and salute the aware voters of India," Modi said.

The prime minister also used the opportunity to ask people to read more and more books at a time when everything is available using "Google guru".

He said he prefers books and not bouquets as gifts and referred to a collection of Munshi Premchand's stories which he went through again recently.

" ... in today's digital world and in the time of Google Guru ... take some time out from your daily routine and devote it to books," he said.

Anti-democratic, WCC protests against bylaw amendment of 'AMMA'

KOCHI: WCC, the women conclave of Malayalam Cinema, expressed their protest in the amendment of bylaws of ‘AMMA’, a decision which was taken by the general body meeting held here today. Revathy and Parvathy, who is also part of WCC, voiced their protest on the amendment draft. WCC said that further discussion are necessary on the amendment and the protest will be addressed in writing.

The amendment discussions were initiated after the assault on the actress. WCC criticized that no actions were taken to prevent such things from happening.

WCC pointed out that the draft was prepared as per the interests of the executive committee. They added that the law should be amended to provide job security and some suggestions are against the bylaw and democracy.

There was criticism regarding women representation and the return of actresses to AMMA who resigned.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Make someone with common sense DGP: K Muraleedharan

KOZHIKODE: K Muraleedharan M P has indirectly slammed DGP Loknath Behera, urging the government to make someone with common sense Kerala’s DGP. He said frequent custodial deaths showed that the government had lost control over the State police force.
“The fact that the custodial death is continuing is a failure of the State government. During the emergency period, the then chief minister K Karunakaran had to resign because of a mere reference to Rajan case. When compared with that, shouldn’t Pinarayi Vijayan have resigned several times? The chief minister also is responsible for this,” he said.

Unrequited love: Youth stabs girl student in Mangalore

KASARGOD: A youth stabbed a girl student in Mangalore after she rejected his love request. The youth, Sushant, stabbed the girl who is an MBA student. The girl with 12 stab injuries has been admitted to the critical care unit of a private hospital in Mangalore. When the onlookers came forward and held his hand, he also tried to commit suicide by slitting his throat but he was overpowered and shifted to hospital.

The incident happened near her house at Bagamballi when the girl was returning home from her college.. Sushant who went that way on a scooter waylaid her and stabbed her.
The police have filed a case over the incident and started the investigation.

“The girl had refused to accept his lover and this had enraged the boy, who committed the crime,” the police said.

Being able to join BJP is fruit of good deeds done in previous birth: Abdullakutty

KANNUR: Former Kannur M P AP Abdullakutty has said the opportunity he got to join the BJP is the fruit of good deeds he had done in some previous births. "Even BJP leaders encouraged me to continue my public life. I may be perhaps the first person to have faced action for extolling the prime minister," he added.
Abdullakutty who joined the BJP on Wednesday was ousted from the Congress in June for praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his massive electron victory. Though he had started his political career in CPM, he was expelled from it for extolling Modi when the latter was the chief minister of Gujarat.

16-year-old girl’s murder: Mother, lover nabbed; body found in well

NEDUMANGADU: The body of a 16-year-old girl who had gone missing two weeks ago from Nedumangadu was found from a deserted well at a house near Karanthal R C mosque.

The police have taken the girl’s mother and her paramour into custody. Karanthala Kurishadi native Manju (39) and her lover Idamala native Aneesh (32) were picked up by the Nedumangadu police from Tamil Nadu.

They had fled their homes ten days ago. The couple was taken into custody as Manju’s daughter Meera’s death was suspected to be a murder. After being tipped off that Meer’a body is inside the well near Manju’s lover’s house, a team, led by Nedumangadu CI Rajesh Kumar and SI Sunil Gopi carried out the search. The body was finally found after the day-long search.

Nedumangadu Mancha resident Manju had been staying for long with her daughter in a rented house in Parandodu It was ten days ago that their relatives complained to the police that Manju and her daughter had gone missing.

The relatives were under the impression that Meera was also with her mother. When the police nabbed the couple on Friday, Meera was not with them. They made contradictory statements and said Meera had committed suicide. However, the police have not taken their statement at face value.
Meanwhile, the locals are in a shock over the death of Meera, who was a high mark scorer in the SSLC exam.

Rajkumar was troublemaker; not only police but Cong workers also responsible: Minister Mani

IDUKKI: Power Minister M M Mani his typical sardonic style has commented that Rajkumar, who died in Peerumedu police custody recently, was a troublemaker. “Not only the police but Congress workers were also responsible for his death. The financial fraud was committed jointly by Rajkumar and Congress workers. It should be inquired from whose car he was arrested. And, the police used the opportunity to earn a bad name for the government. The mystery behind the death should be investigated thoroughly,” Mani said.
There were early reports that top officers had a role in the death of Rajkumar. The accused was kept in illegal custody for four days with the knowledge of Idukki SP and DySP. Idukki DySP had overlooked the special branch report that the accused was physically weak.

The report was given on June 13 and 14 by district special branch that came under Idukki DySP. Idukki Kolahalamedu native Rajkumar, who was in remand in Peerumedu jail in Idukki Thookkupalam loan cheating case, died on June 21.

For past 25 yrs, I've been working with RSS: Jacob Thomas

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Former Vigilance Director Jacob Thomas has come out with a startling revelation that for the past 25 years, he had been working in coordination with the RSS..

“For certain people in Kerala, even the very name RSS is untouchable. I shall work to clear this misconception. The RSS is the world’s largest NGO. My relationship with the RSS started in 1996 at a school in Mysore. The RSS is not a political party but a cultural organisation,” Jacob Thomas made this revelation during an interview given to a private channel.
Interestingly, this report has come amidst speculations that he would join the BJP.

“But, I’m not a person who eye key posts in government. If I had that intention, I would have remained close to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. There are many examples that show that people close to the CM will get top posts. I know several such officers,” he said.

However, Jacob Thomas added that he still continued to have a good relationship with the chief minister.

Maruti Omni crashed onto lorry near Valayar leaving five dead and several injured

PALAKKAD: Five dies in an accident involving a container lorry and Maruti van. As per reports, eight were injured and is now in critical care.

The accident was around 2.30 pm at the 14th mile in Valayar when a Maruti Omni car on its way to Coimbatore hit onto the back of a stationed lorry.

Even though everyone involved in the accident was taken to Palakkad district Hospital, lives of five couldn’t be saved.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Amala Paul removed from Vijay Sethupathi's film; actress lashes out on Twitter

Amala Paul on her Twitter, released a statement using the hashtag #TheTruth to address speculations that she had dropped out of the film citing that she was not “production-friendly”. “I am writing out of my great disappointment, as I have been thrown out of an ongoing movie,” the statement read.

She has been removed from Vijay Sethupathi’s next film, tentatively titled #VSP33. The producer of this film had sent a letter to Amal Paul, informing her about the dismissal. The actor claims that in the message, the producer wrote that he doesn’t want her in the film as he couldn’t meet her demands and terms.

Amala, whose upcoming film Aadai trended globally recently, and whose teaser garnered over five million views, countered the production house’s claims that she was not production-friendly.

“It’s just a patriarchal, egoistic, traditional mindset of Chandaraa Arts Production that this is happening right after the release of Aadai teaser and my image is being sabotaged with multiple baseless rumors that are mischievously being floated around in the industry. Tamil Nadu deserves good cinema and that will only happen when this large set of traditional, patriarchal production houses change their mindset,” she said.

Trump says India’s recent tariff hike unacceptable, must be withdrawn

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump on Thursday asked India to withdraw retaliatory tariffs that New Delhi imposed this month, calling the duties “unacceptable”.

India slapped higher tariffs on 28 US products following Washington’s withdrawal this month of key trade privileges for New Delhi.

“I look forward to speaking with Prime Minister Modi about the fact that India, for years having put very high tariffs against the United States, just recently increased the tariffs even further,” Trump said on Twitter.

“This is unacceptable and the tariffs must be withdrawn!” said Trump, who will meet Modi at this week’s G20 summit in Japan.

India’s trade ministry did not immediately respond to a Reuters email seeking comment.

Trump’s remarks could further worsen a trade row that has led to tit-for-tat tariffs from India and the United States and created an unease over the depth of their security alliance.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was in New Delhi on Wednesday, sought to reduce heightened trade tension with India, promising a renewed focus on negotiating better ties, but giving few specifics of how they would overcome disputes over trade and investment.

Trump scrapped trade privileges for India under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), under which New Delhi was the biggest beneficiary that allowed duty-free exports of up to $5.6 billion.

India initially issued an order in June last year to raise import taxes as high as 120% on a slew of US items, incensed by Washington’s refusal to exempt it from higher steel and aluminium tariffs.

But New Delhi repeatedly delayed raising tariffs as the two nations engaged in trade talks. Trade between them stood at about $142.1 billion in 2018.

Special team to probe Peerumedu custodial death case

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A special team of the crime branch will probe the Peerumedu custodial death. The case will be probed by a seven-member team led by Kottayam crime branch SP K M Sabu Mathew. Idukki crime branch DySP Johnson Joseph will be the main investigating official. The probe will be under the control of crime branch Ernakulam range IG.

Though investigation is against the police, none of the police officials were ready to take over the investigating charge. Finally, the charge of investigation was given to Kottayam SP also in charge of Idukki. In addition to the SP, seven officials from Ernakulam, Kottayam and Idukki will be part of the team.

Due to police officers' reluctance to investigate, the IG came to the forefront and is leading the investigation. He visited Rajkumar’s family today. He will later go to the sub jail and to the hospital where Rajkumar was first admitted.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had informed the assembly yesterday that there is a suspicious circumstance in his death and a special team will investigate it. DGP Lokanath Behera had directed crime branch ADGP to form a special team to probe the case. No one found guilty will be spared and it will be specially examined whether there has been any lapses from the side of the police, the DGP had clarified.

James Mathew MLA denies news about his criticism towards M.K. Govindan

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: James Mathew MLA denied the news about his criticism against M.K. Govindan at the CPM state committee regarding the suicide of expat industrialist at Anthoor. He also said that the news claiming rifts inside CPM for the suicide incident is baseless.

News had come out that criticisms were raised against M.K. Govindan master in the CPM state committee.

James Mathew alleged that the news regarding rift inside CPM is fabricated purposefully by some people. He added that such news which creates confusion amongst the public should be rectified.

Peerumedu custodial death: Family alleges threat by CPM leadership

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Those found guilty in the custodial death of the remand prisoner at Peerumedu sub jail will not be spared and strong steps will be taken against them, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said while replying to opposition’s demand of a judicial probe on the incident. Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala said a murder case should be taken against the police as Rajkumar was subjected to brutal torture in custody. His family alleged that local CPM leadership threatened them asking them not to intervene in the death case. Rajkumar's relative Antony said that they are not satisfied with the present probe. However, the CPM leadership denied the allegation and said the party has not intervened in it.

In the meantime, with the family’s allegation that the party threatened them, the party leadership is under suspicion now. It has also been alleged that Rajkumar lent an amount of Rs one crore from the money he collected from self-help groups to a well-known person. In addition, Rs 60 lakh was given to many for a blade interest. The police recovered Rs 72,500 from various places. Rajkumar was subjected to brutal torture after he revealed the name of the noted person. It has been alleged that a CPM leader has a role in it. CPM’s involvement in the incident is mysterious and so Idukki DCC president Ibrahim Kutty Kallar sought a detailed probe on it. The decision of the congress is to organise protest programmes in the coming days.

The Nedukandam police took Rajkumar, an accused in a financial fraud case, into custody on June 12. His arrest was registered after three days and on June 16 he was admitted to Nedukandam taluk hospital. He was in a very weak stage. The doctors revealed that he was not in a situation to be taken to the jail but the police paid no heed to it. He died on June 21 at the Peerumedua jail. Though it was suspected that he died of brutal torture, the intensity of the incident was revealed only after the post mortem report was publici

Anthoor suicide: Flaws from Shyamala’s side, party cannot isolate anybody, says Jayarajan

KANNUR: P Jayarajan gives a definite message that the party has changed its attitude in the Anthoor suicide issue. The organizational principle of the CPM cannot be confined to any single activist. What I was in the CPM earlier is what I am now. The intention of the right is to suppress me. There is no need for dissatisfaction within the party over my popularity, Jayarajan said in an interview to a weekly.

There were lapses from the side of municipality in giving sanction to the convention centre of Sajan Parayil, a NRI businessman and it should be accepted. Party is different and functioning of local bodies are different. P K Shyamala is responsible as municipality chairperson. She failed to perform her responsibilities and she should accept it, he said.

I am not a representative, but as a district secretary of the CPM, I enquired why permission was not given for the convention centre. When inquired, it was found that there was a violation of the building code. Naturally, the proposal to regularize it was put before the municipality. That is how the joint inspection was called for. Even then, the delay made him sad and so he had to take the extreme step. The party need not be dissatisfied with my involvement. As a party activist, I intervened in the affairs of the party and it is not beyond the party, he said.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Why didn't UDF govt handover T P case to CBI? Thiruvanchoor explains…

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: For the first few years of previous Oommen Chandy ministry in Kerala, Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan had ably handled the home ministry.

The credit of smoothly handling the sensational T P Chandrasekhar murder case, overcoming political pressure and helping police officers to arrest all the culprits goes to Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan.

In a recent interview to Safari channel, he revealed why the TP case was not handed over to the CBI.

“Kerala police had probed the case in a brilliant manner. There were many challenges from the Opposition (LDF). The CPM even threatened the investigation team and witnesses who reached courts of dire consequences.

If we had handed over the case to the CBI, the arrested persons would have got an opportunity to walk out of the jail. The usual practice is that the CBI that functions as per Delhi Police Act will start the investigation from the scratch and file a new charge sheet. But if the CBI fails to file the charge sheet within 90 days, the accused will get an option to apply for bail. In that case the accused, who were caught by Kerala policemen risking their life, will be able to come out of jail. But, the Kerala police filed the charge sheet on the 84th day. It was the result of an investigation that didn’t give any loophole to the accused,” he told the channel.

Binoy Kodiyeri hid the fact he is the son of former minister; threatened to kill son: Woman

MUMBAI: The Bihar woman who has filed a sexual harassment case against CPM leader Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son Binoy Kodiyeri has come up with more evidence against him.

She released the proof of the visa sent by Binoy to her and the child on Thursday. The documents show Binoy had sent the tourist visa from his personal email to the woman’s business email.
The visa has been sent on April 21, 2015. Besides visa, flight tickets for visiting Dubai were also sent via email.
The woman alleges that in his anticipatory bail plea, Binoy had hidden the information that he is the son of a former minister. The woman also told the court that he had not revealed in the application the details of the criminal cases in Dubai in which he is the accused. She alleged that he had even threatened to kill her child and requested, hence, to deny him bail.
However, the court put off the pronouncement of the verdict over the bail plea to Monday and asked the police not to arrest him till then.

Mumbai court says Binoy shouldn't be arrested until Monday; complainant can assign private attorney

MUMBAI: The Mumbai Dindoshi Sessions Court has postponed the verdict on the anticipatory bail plea filed by Binoy Kodiyeri to Monday and ordered not to arrest him until then. The woman’s arguments will be heard again on the bail plea. The court also said that the woman can assign a private attorney. This is also in light of the woman’s statement that there is a threat to their lives.

The complainant woman has submitted more evidence against Binoy in the court. She submitted the documents to prove that Binoy had sent her visa details of her's and their son to take them to Dubai.

The visa for the two was sent from Binoy’s email ID to the woman’s business mail ID on April 21, 2015. Flight tickets were also sent along with the visa.

Four Swiss bank accounts of Nirav Modi, sister frozen

NEW DELHI: Four Swiss bank accounts of beleaguered diamantaire Nirav Modi, the main accused in the $2-billion PNB case, and his sister have been “frozen” by authorities in Switzerland as part of the criminal money laundering probe being conducted against them in India, official sources said.
They said the accounts, at present, have deposits totalling ₹283.16 crore and they have been frozen on the request of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) after it informed Switzerland authorities that the money kept in them are “proceeds of crime” of a bank fraud perpetrated by the duo.
The ED, they said, made the request to the Swiss authorities sometime back and sent an official request under the criminal provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).
Official sources said while the accounts of Nirav Modi, the diamantaire under arrest in this case in London, have deposits of $3,74,11,596 while the accounts in the name of his sister Purvi Modi has deposits of £27,38,136.
This totals around ₹283.16 crore, they said. The central probe agency is expected to now make a move for the attachment of these bank accounts under the PMLA.
The ED along with the CBI are investigating Nirav Modi, his uncle Mehul Choksi and others for alleged money laundering and corruption to defraud the Brady House branch of the PNB in Mumbai to the tune of over ₹13,000 crore.
The alleged scam was unearthed last year and Purvi Modi was also named as an accused by the ED in its chargesheet filed before a Mumbai court.

Peerumedu custodial death: Role of officials to be examined, guilty will not be spared, says DGP

THIRUVANANTHAURAM/IDUKKI: Officials found guilty in the Peerumedu custodial death case will not be spared, said DGP Lokanath Behera.

The DGP said that it will be specially examined whether there are any lapses from the side of the police officials in the case relating to the custodial death of a remand prisoner and if necessary will move forward with prosecution procedures. Crime branch ADGP has been directed to submit the preliminary report within 15 days on the custodial death.

In the meanwhile, jail superintendent G Anil Kumar said that when the remand prisoner Rajkumar taken into custody for financial fraud case was brought to the jail, he was in not in a situation to speak. His two legs were swollen and there were wounds on both legs below the knee. Even after informing that the accused in such a situation could not be admitted to the prison, the policemen left without minding it.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Lal and Mammootty learnt it from Dileep, but Jayaram made a mistake

Director Rajasenan revealed that actor Dileep has something special that no other actor has. That specialty is nothing else but marketing and this is something that neither Jayaram nor Suresh Gopi have. Even Mohanlal and Mammootty learned marketing from Dileep, Rajasenan told.
Dileep knows marketing which neither Jayaram nor Suresh Gopiko have. Neither Mammootty nor Mohanlal have it. The two actors learned self-marketing from Dileep. Not only they but many, only Jayaram made a mistake. The problem came when Jayaram started showing things done by Dileep. He has a strong knowledge of film marketing and he holds on to it. He will market it even if some of his films are very bad, the director said.

I can guess what Mammookka is going to do, but in Mohanlal’s case….

Mohanlal, who incarnated as a villain in Manjil Virinja Pookkal, later turned the acting emperor of Malayalam cinema. He has amazed us for the last three decades. The actor has proved that he can excel in any role and has an admirable fans all over the country. Many of the directors had come forward praising him for his acting style. Once the camera is switched on, he turns into the character within seconds. Now, director Kamal has come up with a similar opinion.

Talking to Kaumudy TV, Kamal said once the camera is switched on, we won’t know what Mohanlal is going to do. To an extent I am able to guess what Mammookka is going to do but in the case of Mohanlal, it is very difficult to say, he said this while talking to Renjini Haridas.

A P Abdullakutty joins BJP

NEW DELHI: Former congress leader A P Abdullakutty Wednesday joined the saffron party. He accepted the membership in the presence of BJP working president J P Nadda and V Muraleedharan MP.

Abdullakutty had met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah the other day.

Abdullakutty was ousted from the congress party for his Facebook post praising Modi. Soon after joining BJP, he declared himself as a national Muslim. He said his aim was to bridge the gap between Muslims and the BJP.

His post praising Modi’s development model was soon after the Lok Sabha results. The CPM had earlier expelled Abdullakutty, a two-time Lok Sabha member, for similar reasons. Following that, he joined the congress and was elected to the assembly from Kannur.

BJP reads NSS' mind, likely to choose this unexpected candidate for Vattiyoorkavu by-election

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: There are hints that while selecting its candidate for the by-elections, the BJP will be taking into consideration the interest of the NSS.

The by-election will take place in six Assembly constituencies this year. Among them, the BJP is having high hopes in constituencies such as Vattiyoorkavu, Konni and Manjeswaram.

The party is very well aware that they can win Vattiyoorkavu and Konni seats only if the NSS lends them its support. In the Lok Sabha election, the BJP allegedly failed to read the mind of the people in Pathanamthitta. They took lightly the NSS factor and chose K Surendran, thinking that the Sabarimala factor would help Surendran win the election. But Surendran could only reach the third position. Only then, did the BJP understood that the NSS factor overrode the Sabarimala factor.

In Vattiyoorkavu, the earlier expectation was that Kummanam Rajasekharan would be the candidate there in the upcoming by-election, which was necessitated by the election of former Vattiyoorkavu MLA as Vadakara MP. But Kummanam may be elevated to a higher party position at the national level and sent to North Kerala for gaining a foothold for the party there.

According to sources, in Vattiyoorkavu, senior BJP leader Radhakrishna Menon is likely to be made the candidate, considering his close relationship with the NSS leadership. Menon had played a major role in filing a review petition and making court interference for protection of tradition during the Sabarimala issue.

Moreover, there are speculations that Prayar Gopalakrishan would be contesting the by-election in Vattiyoorkavu under the Congress ticket and this also gives community-based political advantage to Radhakrishna Menon’s candidature.

Will arrest Binoy Kodiyeri without delay if he is denied bail: Mumbai police

MUMBAI: Mumbai police have informed that if businessman Binoy Kodiyeri fails to get bail, he will be arrested immediately. DCP Manjunath Shinde has said the DNA test is essential in the case. “We have got more evidence against Binoy and the investigation is proceeding in the right direction,” he said.

The anticipatory bail plea of Binoy will be considered on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Mumbai police have issued lookout notice against Binoy Kodiyeri. The police presume that Binoy would leave the country once he is denied bail and this is the reason for issuing lookout notice.

Details of Binoy’s passport will be passed on to all airports in the country. During the argument over the bail plea, the defence counsel had pointed out the contradictions in the woman’s complaint and said that the rape charges is not maintainable.

But, the prosecution argued that sexually exploiting the woman after promising to marry her came under rape offence.
The complaint was filed by a Bihar native, who was working as a bar girl.

T V Anupama steps down as Thrissur collector; C Shanawaz is the new collector

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Cabinet meeting held today (Wednesday) has decided to appoint C Shanawaz as Thrissur district collector. He will replace the current collector T V Anupama, who has applied for leave.
Anupama will relinquish her responsibilities and go to Mizoram National Academy for further training. Anupama was earlier the Alappuzha collector and it was in June last that she joined the government service as Thrissur Collector.

She is stepping down from the post of district collector after remaining in that post for one year. A Malappuram Ponnani native, Anupama is a 2010 batch IAS officer.

The bold stand taken by her in the case of sick elephant Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran during Thrissur Pooram had grabbed worldwide media attention. Her participation in the CPM-led women’s wall also highly debated.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

K N A Khader seeks division of Malappuram district

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: K N A Khader MLA on Monday sought division of Malappuram district and formation of a new district. During the attention calling motion in the Assembly on Tuesday, Khader said Malappuram district should be divided on the basis of population and a new district should be formed with Thirur as the administrative headquarters.

Though Khader had given a notice during the submission last week, making the same demand, he withdrew it the last minute as the Muslim League and the Congress didn’t give permission for the same.

But Khader gave the notice after the UDF showed the green signal. The Assembly will consider this during the zero hour.
Earlier also, Khader has made this demand publically at several venues.

‘Kuttibhai Aao…’ Modi received Abdullkutty with these words

NEW DLHI: Sacked Congress leader A P Abdullakutty had the other day met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, amid speculations that he would be joining the party soon.
The meeting with the prime minister happened at his office in Parliament on Monday. Modi received Abdullakutty with these welcoming words: Kutti bhai Aao… These warm words had enthralled Abdhullakutty, according to sources.

The former CPM as well as Congress leader managed to get an appointment with the prime minister through the private secretary of an MP, who was his acquaintance when he was the MP long back.

For this meeting, he stayed in New Delhi for several days. Abdullakutty, met Modi after meeting NCP chief Sharad Pawar but clarified that Modi had already invited him to join the BJP.

“The prime minister asked me why people who talk about development are being hounded away from Kerala politics. He asked me then how come minority communities are cooperating with the BJP in North India,” he said.

Meanwhile, political observers are expecting the official announcement of Abdullakkuty enrolment in the BJP.

Balabhaskar's death: HC interferes, Crime branch told to submit report within two days

KOCHI: Kerala High court has given instruction to the Crime Branch team, investigating the late violinist Balabhaskar’s death, to submit a report on its inferences regarding the mystery behind his death.
The court was considering the bail plea of the accused in the Thiruvananthapuram airport gold smuggling case on Tuesday.
The court made it clear that the report to be submitted by the Crime branch team should have clarifications on the role of the Balabhaskar’s aides Prakashan Thampi and Vishnu in his death that appeared to be an accidental case.
Meanwhile, the Crime Branch team has submitted in the court that all enigmas surrounding the case will be cleared within a week. Though the team has some clarity on the person who was driving the car at the time of the accident, it has gone for the forensic examination of the seat belt to confirm this. The Crime branch has also collected the blood samples of driver Arjun and Balabhaskar’s parents for this purpose.

It had already sent the blood stains at the driving seat for examination. The DNA test of the blood samples and hair strands at the driver’s seat will give a clear picture on the person who was at the driver’s seat.

The nature of the injuries sustained by Arjun also points fingers at him. This will be scientifically weighed against the Arjun’s statement that he was not driving the car, before a conclusion is arrived at.

Don't get cheated... do you know the real price of Bacardi rum or Old Monk Rum?

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The eyes of some drinkers in the City popped up after they came to know about the information passed out on Tuesday by Beverages Corporation in response to an RTI enquiry.

The liquor sold by Beverages Corporation (Bevco) through its outlets is priced at ten times the actual price charged by liquor companies.

The government buys Bacardi rum for Rs 167.36/bottle but this is sold at a whopping price of Rs 1240/bottle through Bevco outlets.
Similarly, the government sells Hercules rum at Rs 680 while the actual price is Rs 63.95.

Old Monk rum bought at Rs 71.67 is sold at Rs 770.

The Bevcos had to let out this information after Thiruvananthapuram native Dr Jose K Sebastian filed an RTI application for the same.

Kerala tops Niti's second Health Index, Uttar Pradesh worst performer

NEW DELHI: Kerala has occupied the top slot in terms of health performance among large states followed by Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, whereas Uttar Pradesh and Bihar remained at the bottom, according to the Niti Aayog's second round of Health Index. The second round of the Health Index took into account the period 2015-16 (base year) to 2017-18. The report titled 'Healthy States, Progressive India: Report on Rank of States and UTs' was released by Niti Aayog Vice-Chairman Rajiv Kumar.

The Index is a composite score incorporating 23 indicators covering key aspects of health sector performance with major weightage to the outcomes. In terms of annual incremental performance among the larger states, Haryana, Rajasthan and Jharkhand are the top-three states.a

Monday, June 24, 2019

SFI-BJP clash in VTM NSS College: One student injured

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A student was injured during a clash that broke out between SFI and BJP students of Thiruvananthapuram Dhanuvachapuram VTM NSS college on Monday.
The tussle started when laddu was being distributed during the welcome fest organised for receiving first-year students on the first day of the academic year. The injured student is SFI Mathrukam district committee member Preeja.

During the clash, party worker hurled beer bottle and stones. Preeja’s head was injured by broken pieces of beer bottle.

'The SFI had planned to organise students’ chain under the title ‘Pizhutheriyam Jathivivechananthinte Verukal’ (Let us pull out roots of caste discrimination). It was against this the RSS students made an attack.

Preeja has been admitted to hospital.

Youth arrested for attempting murder

PARASSALA: Youth was caught by the police for a murder attempt. Akhildev (25), a native of Perumkadavila in Marayamuttam, was arrested by Marayamuttam Police. He was in hiding after attempting to murder Byju aka Sreejith, who is a flower merchant in Perumkadavila by striking on the head. The incident was on May 29.

Following a piece of secret information that he is in Perumkadavila, the police traced the location of the culprit’s phone and caught him. A team led by Inspector Mrudul Kumar, CPO Sethunath, Sanal Kumar and Sanal Babu made the arrest. The culprit was remanded by the court.

I'll go one day, not to ask for anything but just to see her, says Sajan's wife

KANNUR: The family of NIR businessman Sajan, who had committed suicide after he failed to get permission for his newly constructed Convention Centre, had come out with serious allegations against Anthoor Municipality chairman P K Shyamala.

On Monday, Sajan’s wife Beena talked to media emotionally.

“Even if Mrs P K Shyama doesn’t give me permission, I’ll go to see her. I’ll go… not to ask anything from her but just to see her…” she told media, with tears welling up in her eyes. Sajan’s Nigeria-based friends Sreekumar Nair and his wife were also with her.

“My husband had told me there was no point in myself going and meeting Shyamala, as a woman. That is why I didn’t go. We conducted only the house-warming ceremony and only a few people took part in it. No relatives were to be seen at the Convention centre. Sajan wished to hold the marriage of his uncle’s children at the Centre. The marriage has been fixed for the next month. But he feared whether he would get the sanction of the Municipality by that time,” Beena said.

Sreekumar Nair, who had worked with Sajan in Nigeria for the past 15 years, said Nigeria is a country that encouraged entrepreneurs. “If he had opened this convention centre in Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari himself would have reached his house to congratulate him.

But Sajan’s dream was to spend his hard-earned money in his own country. In Nigeria also, there is bribery but if we give them a bribe, they will not delay permission,” he said.

No more transfer or suspension but only dismissal, warns Rishiraj Singh

THRISSUR: Jail DGP Rishiraj Singh has sounded strong warning following his lightning raids in Kannur Central jail that brought to light shocking anomalies happening inside the four walls of the jail.
After the raid on Sunday, Rishiraj Singh spent about an hour in the jail and came out with a warning.

“Till now, if some irregularity was spotted, the officers responsible were given a transfer or suspension for namesake. But now onwards, the responsible cops will be expelled from the service,” he stated.

Rishiraj Singh said that the findings in the raid pointed fingers at the relationship between prisoners and jail officials.

He warned of raids to find out irregularities committed by jail employees. He also warned against leaking details of raids and other jail matters to media, as well.

In the raid conducted in Kannur Central jail on Sunday, four mobile phones, Rs 2500, 20 gm ganja, many chargers and plug holders were recovered. It was the raid on the second consecutive day in Kannur jail.

How settlement talks between Binoy Balakrishnan’s mother and woman failed

MUMBAI: Mumbai-based advocate K P Sreejith has said that Binoy Balakrishna’s mother held direct talks with the woman and the talks happened in his presence.

“The talks were held at his Mumbai office and Binoy Kodiyeri, his mother Vinodini and the complainant woman were present. Therefore, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s claim that he was unware of the matter is not true. Kodiyeri went by his son’s words and averred that it was a blackmailing case.
The woman, a Bihar native, sent a legal notice to Binoy last December. It was after this Vinodini went to Mumbai for compromise talks with the woman.

Vinodini arrived on April 18 for talks. Ten days after this, Binoy reached Mumbai and held talks with the woman. Producing certain certificates as proof, she demanded a compensation of Rs 5 crore. Her child also was with her then.

Since Vinodini didn’t know Hindi, she could not converse well with the woman. Vinodini also said that the woman’s claim was baseless and her intention was just blackmailing his son for money.
Later when Binoy arrived for talks, he said he was not the father of the child and he won’t be able to give Rs 5 crore. The compromise talk failed at this point of the talks. After this, I called up Kodiyeri and apprised him about the seriousness of the matter but he also echoed his son’s stand.

However, the woman stuck to her stand that the child belonged to Binoy Kodiyeri and she was ready for DNA test.
As soon he was told about the DNA test, he reacted angrily and the compromise talk had to be left midway,” he explained, adding that both parties had produced various documents to substantiate their claims.

Abdullakutty meets Modi, asked to join BJP

NEW DELHI: CPM activist-turned Congress leader A P Abdullakutty, who had earned the wrath of CPM and Congress for praising the development model of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Monday met Modi in person in New Delhi.

Later, Abdullakutty told media that Modi had asked him to join the BJP. “The prime minister also congratulated me for taking part in a yoga session on International yoga day,” he said.
Abdullakutty, who is now in Delhi, will meet BJP president and minister Amit Shah. But there is no clarity on when he would join the party officially.
Earlier, the State BJP leadership had welcomed Abdullakutty to its fold.
Meanwhile, the party circles clarified that once Abdullakutty reached the party, it will be at his discretion to decide whether he should work in Karnataka or Kerala.

Now, political observers are also keeping an eye on Abdullakutty to see whether he would be contesting any by-election under the BJP ticket. Meanwhile, there are hints that Adbullakutty may contest from Manjeswaram. In that case, it has to be seen whether lotus will bloom in Manjeswaram.

Verdict on Binoy Kodiyer's bail plea to be delivered on Thursday

MUMBAI: A Mumbai court that considered businessman Binoy Kodiyeri’s anticipatory bail plea in a sexual harassment case will deliver the verdict on Thursday.
The verdict on the bail plea in the case filed by a Bihar woman was expected today (Monday) but it had to be postponed as the judge, who had considered the case in Mumbai Dindoshi Sessions court, was on leave.

The bail plea was moved by Binoy on June 21 through his advocate Vinoba Masorkar. Meanwhile, the prosecution’s argument in the court is that Binoy should be taken into custody for interrogation and hence the bail should not be granted to him.

The Mumbai Oshiwara police had filed an FIR against Binoy on June 13 based on the 33-year-old Mumbai dance bar woman’s complaint that he had sexually exploited her from 2009 to 2018, after making marriage promises to her.

Binoy was a frequenter in a Dubai dance bar while she was working there. In the complaint, she says she got acquainted with Binoy at the bar.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

‘Shyamala started troubling us as we couldn’t pay Rs 10000 donation’; NRI’s wife fears loss of Rs 55 lakh in ecotourism project

KANNUR: K Vinod and family shut down their business in Dubai and reached hometown to start some business here. But the CPM successfully persuaded him to contest the municipality election from Uruvachal ward.

Later, he left politics and took the contract of a Tourism project implemented by DTPC but the response he got from the Municipality was utterly disappointing.
It was through tender that Vinod got DTPC’s Vellikkeel Eco Tourism project, which was implemented in 2014 at an expense of Rs 50 lakh.

He got the contract after paying Rs 9 lakh as deposit. Though Vellikkeel was in the Thaliparambu municipality, when Anthoor municipality was formed, Vellikkeel came under it.

It was during this time that P K Shyamala allegdley asked for Rs 10000 as donation from Vinod’s wife Sukhil, in connection with a school programme.

But Sukhil told her that she had only Rs 3000 with her as the income from Eco Tourism Park was not sufficient. She added that she had only recently doled out Rs 10,000 to the party.
This irked Shyamala and the party also came to know about this through another person. After this, the Anthoor Municipality started troubling her business.

Municipality officials appeared, demanding closure of kiosks in the park, citing that they didn’t have licence. Despite applying for licence, it was not issued and as a result the park was closed.

In 2017 also Vinod won the tender for the park but the trouble from Municipality continued. Last year, kiosks in the park were destroyed in wind and rain. Now the family say that they couldn’t get the insurance amount as they were not issued building number. They fear that they will lose Rs 55 lakh, invested in the project.

Donald Trump pledges to hit Iran with "major" new sanctions from Monday

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump on Saturday pledged to hit Iran with "major" new sanctions as Tehran warned Washington that any attack would see its interests across the Middle East go up in flames.
The war of words heated up after Trump had pulled back from military action against Iran in response to its downing of a US reconnaissance drone.

That incident, which came after a series of attacks on tankers in the congested shipping lanes out of the Gulf that the US has blamed on Iran, exacerbated already tense relations between the two countries.

Iran has denied responsibility for those attacks.

Trump, who spent Saturday huddling with his advisors at Camp David, initially told reporters that he was keen to be Iran's "best friend" -- if the country agreed to renounce nuclear weapons.

"When they agree to that, they're going to have a wealthy country. They're going to be so happy, and I'm going to be their best friend," he told reporters.

Iran has denied seeking a nuclear weapon and says its program is for civilian purposes.

A multinational accord reached by Tehran and world powers in 2015 sought to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief.

But Trump left that agreement more than a year ago and has imposed a robust slate of punitive economic sanctions designed to choke off Iranian oil sales and cripple its economy -- one he now plans to expand.

"We are putting major additional Sanctions on Iran on Monday," tweeted Trump, who has also deployed additional troops to the Middle East.

"I look forward to the day that Sanctions come off Iran, and they become a productive and prosperous nation again - The sooner the better!"

Added Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: "When the Iranian regime decides to forgo violence and meet our diplomacy with diplomacy, it knows how to reach us. Until then, our diplomatic isolation and economic pressure campaign against the regime will intensify."

But lest anyone think he was entirely ruling out military action, Trump tweeted Saturday evening that "I never called the strike against Iran 'BACK,' as people are incorrectly reporting, I just stopped it from going forward at this time!"

'Powder keg'

A top Iranian military official warned Washington against any strikes.

"Firing one bullet towards Iran will set fire to the interests of America and its allies" in the region, armed forces general staff spokesman Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi told the Tasnim news agency.

"If the enemy -- especially America and its allies in the region -- make the military mistake of shooting the powder keg on which America's interests lie, the region will be set on fire," Shekarchi warned.

Following his comments, Iran said it had executed a man, a contractor for the defense ministry's aerospace organization, who had been convicted of spying for the United States.

'Trampling' international law

After the downing Thursday of the Global Hawk surveillance aircraft, Trump said the United States had been "cocked & loaded" to strike Iran.

But at the last minute, he said he pulled back as the response would not have been "proportionate."

The US president subsequently said he did not want war with Iran, but if it came to pass, there would be "obliteration like you've never seen before," according to excerpts of an interview with NBC conducted on Friday.

Tehran insists that the drone violated its airspace -- something Washington denies -- but a commander of the elite Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, told state news agency IRNA that the violation could have been an accident.

"Nonetheless, this was an act of trampling international aviation laws by a spy aircraft," Hajizadeh added.

The Pentagon released a map of the drone's flight path, indicating it avoided Iranian waters, but Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Saturday published maps showing the aircraft inside Iranian territory.

"There can be no doubt about where the vessel was when it was brought down," he wrote on Twitter.

After the drone was downed, Trump secretly authorized US Cyber Command to carry out a retaliatory cyber attack on Iran, The Washington Post reported Saturday.

It crippled computers used to control rocket and missile launches, according to the Post, while Yahoo News said a spying group responsible for tracking ships in the Gulf was targeted.

Iran's foreign ministry said it had summoned the charge d'affaires of the United Arab Emirates, from where the US drone launched, to protest its decision to "put its installations at the disposal of foreign forces for aggression."

The US Federal Aviation Administration has barred American civilian aircraft from the area "until further notice," and several major non-US airlines were altering flight paths to avoid the sensitive Strait of Hormuz.

Security of expats; Changes will be made in emigration rules: V. Muraleedharan

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Speaking to a prominent media, V. Muraleedharan, the Deputy Central Minister for Foreign Affairs, said that changes will be made in the emigration rules. He clarified that a bill for the security of expats will be presented in the next parliament meeting and rules will be made so that accurate information regarding expatriates reaches the embassy.

The minister also backed BJP Kerala President’s controversial statement that Sabarimala issue is a golden opportunity. He said that politicians will make use of everything politically and Pillai made the statement to the party activists and not the public.

V. Muraleedharan further added that the CPI (M) should accept the fact that the Communist Party has changed and the public and personal lives of politicians have no differences. He criticized that CPM couldn’t even implement Communist culture in their household.

Binoy has transferred Rs 50,000-Rs 4 lakh to woman’s account: Bank documents

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: More proofs that hint at the long-term relationship between CPM leader Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son Binoy Kodiyeri and the Mumbai-based woman has come out.
In the bank account details of the complainant woman, the name of Binoy Vinodini Balakrishnan has been written in the column for spouse’s name.
The woman is an account holder of Andheri East ICICI branch.

During the period between 2010 and 2015, Binoy transferred amounts ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 4 lakh to the woman’s account, as per the data available with the bank.

The woman had earlier given the statement to the police that Binoy used to send her money.

Left govt used Sabarimala order as opportunity to destroy beliefs: ​​​​​​​NSS

PERUNNA: The NSS has again criticised the Left government for their stand in Sabarimala women’s entry issue. “The Left government has used SC order on Sabarimala women’s entry to destroy the beliefs of people. Thus what reflected this time in the Lok Sabha election was the sentiments of the people from all religions who loved Lord Ayyappa,” NSS general secretary K Sukumaran Nair said on Sunday.

He was presenting Rs 122.5 crore budget for the period 2019-20 at the NSS headquarters in Perunna. “We told the government to ask for more time to implement the SC order and requested it to file a review petition. All our earnest pleadings fell on deaf ears,” Nair recalled.
Sukumaran Nair said political parties’ attempt to portray election result as the unification of minority votes is done with dubious intensions. The BJP cheated the devotees. Though they were in power in the Centre, they didn’t help the believers. Instead, they used the issue as an election tool
It was only UDF that conducted peaceful demonstrations and took legal steps in favour of beliefs. The fruit of this was the big win they achieved in the Lok Sabha election.

Only in Alappuzha they lost and that was because of the in-fighting in Congress. Now, the only resort in the Sabarimala case is the Supreme Court. The NSS will go to any extent to protect the belief and tradition,” he said.

Security of expats; Changes will be made in emigration rules: V. Muraleedharan

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Speaking to a prominent media, V. Muraleedharan, the Deputy Central Minister for Foreign Affairs, said that changes will be made in the emigration rules. He clarified that a bill for the security of expats will be presented in the next parliament meeting and rules will be made so that accurate information regarding expatriates reaches the embassy.

The minister also backed BJP Kerala President’s controversial statement that Sabarimala issue is a golden opportunity. He said that politicians will make use of everything politically and Pillai made the statement to the party activists and not the public.

V. Muraleedharan further added that the CPI (M) should accept the fact that the Communist Party has changed and the public and personal lives of politicians have no differences. He criticized that CPM couldn’t even implement Communist culture in their household.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Yatheesh Chandra’s lightning raid: Two smartphones seized from TP murder case accused Shafi

THRISSUR: Four smartphones were seized from convicts including TP murder case convict Shafi at Viyyur Central in a lightning raid conducted by Thrissur City police commissioner Yatheesh Chandra.
Two smartphones were in the possession of Shafi. Besides the phones, ganja and liquor were also seized from the cells. Earlier also, mobile phones have been seized from Shafi.

In Kannur Central jail, too, similar raids were conducted by DGP Rishiraj Singh and his team. Smart phones, ganja, lethal weapons and liquor bottles were recovered from here also.

Binoy threatened us, we talked with Kodiyeri: Woman’s family

MUMBAI: The Mumbai-based dance bar girl who made sexual harassment charges against CPM leader Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son Binoy Kodiyeri and her family members have come out with more revelations.

The woman said that Binoy used to threaten her and her family if she dared to spill the beans. The recorded phone calls in this connection had been handed over to Mumbai police.

More revelations would be made after the arrest of Binoy, according to her.

“Binoy had first informed that he would be marrying the woman but later he started threatening us whenever this marriage topic was raised.
For the past one and a half year we have been talking to Kodiyeri Balakrishnan in this regard but he told us we may make any move and he would not interfere in the issue.

After failed attempts for one and a half year, we contacted, in vain, the CPM central leadership and tried to approach Kodiyeri through some of our friends in Kerala,” the family members said.

Meanwhile the woman said she realised the fraud only when she came to know that he had married another girl. “This is what made us gave a police complaint against him,” she added.

Expat's suicide: Syamala removed from position of Chairperson

KANNUR: P.K. Syamala, the Anthoor Municipality has been removed from the position of Chairperson in relation to the suicide of convention centre owner Sajan. The decision was taken by CPI (M) Kannur district secretariat in which Syamala was asked to participate. Meanwhile, talks are in progress to find a new chairperson. However, the news regarding her resignation is incorrect, says Syamala. She has also said that he will step down if the party asks her to resign.

Meanwhile, a report on the person’s suicide by the vigilance section of Urban Affairs Department will be handed over to Local Self Government Secretary. An inspection in the leadership of Chief Town Planner was done at the convention centre on Friday. The irregularities on documents and files after Sajan’s demise is also mentioned in the report, it is learnt.

Sajan’s family in their statement to the police alleged that mental torture from P.K. Syamala, municipality secretary Gireesh and engineer Kalesh was the reason for suicide. Syamala could be charged with abetment of suicide. The police recorded the statements of Sajan’s wife Beena and four staffs of Partha group.

Can't take responsibility for everything that my children do, says Kodiyeri Balakrishnan

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In a press meet summoned at the AKG centre here on Saturday, CPI (M) state secretary and Binoy Kodiyeri’s father, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said that he can’t take the responsibility of everything his children do. He said that there won’t be any actions from himself or the party to save his son.

Describing the case against Binoy as a matter concerning an individual, Kodiyeri said it was the responsibility of the accused to prove his innocence.

"I can't take responsibility for everything that my children do. One shouldn't commit a mistake thinking that the party would save them. It's applicable to (party leaders') family members also," he said.

Kodiyeri said he took a break from an ongoing Ayurveda treatment to address the media because he has a responsibility to explain his stance on the matter to the public.

"Party secretary's family members will also be subject to social audit. They should also be aware of it. It is a lesson for all,” Kodiyeri added.

Representatives shouldn’t be hanging around officer’s words, CPI (M) leader P. Jayarajan against P.K. Syamala

KANNUR: CPI (M) P. Jayarajan criticized Anthoor municipality chairperson P.K. Syamala in the suicide incident expat businessman.

“Officers have total authority in matters related to construction. Representatives cannot make any sort of interference. But, people’s representatives shouldn’t be hanging around officer’s words”, Jayarajan said. His criticism was at an explanation meeting organized by CPM at Dharmasala. P.K. Syamala took part in the meeting. Jayarajan also said that action will be taken on Sajan’s wife Beena’s complaint.

The explanation meeting was organized in light of expat industrialist Sajan’s suicide.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Gold chain stolen from dead body; MCH staff arrested

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A gold chain was stolen from a dead body at MCH. Panthalam native Jayalakshmi, a grade 2 staff at MCH was arrested in relation to the incident.

TN native Radha had died at the MCH yesterday due to the intake of poison. Her dead body was kept at Ward no. 3 for shifting to the mortuary, where the absence of the chain was noticed.

The relatives approached the police and in the investigation that followed, the grade 2 staff was arrested. The chain has been recovered from the culprit, police sources said. This is the first time that a hospital staff is arrested for theft.

Binoy Kodiyeri files anticipatory bail plea

MUMBAI: Binoy Kodiyeri has submitted anticipatory bail plea at Mumbai Dindoshi Sessions Court today in relation to the sexual assault case filed by a Bihari woman. The plea was presented by Binoy’s attorney Vinoba Masorkar.

In the plea, Binoy says that the case is part of a conspiracy against him. But the Mumbai Police have said that they will oppose his plea at the court. Binoy was charged with sexual assault and betrayal.

Group photos, videos, call recording… strong evidence against Binoy Kodiyeri?

KANNUR: The dance bar girl, who had come out with sexual harassment charges against Binoy Kodiyeri, has recorded her statement at Oshiwara police station in Mumbai. Photos in which Binoy poses with the woman, phone call recordings and videos have been handed over to the police station, according to reports. Moreover, the woman also told the police that they had together stayed in hotels and flats.
The police will subject the evidence to forensic lab tests to find out whether the proofs are forged ones. Meanwhile, the Mumbai police which have reached Kannur to take Binoy into custody have not been able to find him.
The report is that he has gone into hiding after switching off his mobile phones. The Mumbai police have also sought the help of the Kerala police to trace Binoy.

The police team that reached Thalassery Thiruvangattu house had issued summons to Binoy.

Bonoy was not home when the police came. The police team from Mumbai comprised SI Vinayak Yadav and ASI Devanand Pawar.

The team held discussion with Kannur SP Pratheesh Kumar for three hours. Earlier, Oshiwara police had contacted Binoy over phone and asked him to be present before them within three days.

‘All demanded P K Shyamala’s expulsion, not even one person backed her; she broke down at meeting’

THALIPARAMPU: The CPM Area committee meeting that was held to discuss the suicide of an NRI after the Anthoor Municipality denied ownership certificate to his newly constructed Convention Centre came down heavily on Municipality chairperson P K Shyamala.
All area committee members that took part in the meeting held between 5 pm and 7:30 pm on Thursday unequivocally demanded the expulsion of Shyamala from the chairperson’s post. When strong criticism was raised against her, not even one person came forward to support Shyamala and she burst into tears, according to reports.
Central Committee member M V Govindan, District Secretary M V Jayarajan, P Jayarajan, T K Govindan and K Santhosh took part in the meeting.
According to Area Committee decision, a meeting of Kodallur, Anthoor and Bekkalam local has been called today. The explanatory meeting will be held in Dharmasala on Saturday evening. Finally, the district committee will take action against P K Shyamala.

Area committee members have reportedly said that Shyamala’s several decisions had shaken the base of the CPM in party strongholds like Anthoor and hence demanded her immediate removal as chairperson.

Youth dies after treatment denied over nonpayment of bill

KOLLAM: Youth dies in hospital after his treatment was denied over nonpayment of bill. Ajith Krishnan (28) of Kureepuzha Kochanath House is the deceased. Ajith was taken to the nearby Medical College Hospital on Friday morning after he sustained serious head injuries. The hospital authority denied treatment as he didn’t pay the bill.

Ajith met with an accident on his way to Kollam from Kureepuzha when he crashed on to another bike. The hospital authority said that the CT scan cannot be taken unless the bill has been paid. The youth was left with no treatment for one hour after which he was taken to a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram by his relatives where he breathed his last.

Sexual abuse case: Police inform court that DNA test should be done; not needed, says Binoy

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The police informed the court that a DNA test should be done in the sexual abuse case against Binoy Kodiyeri. But, Binoy’s stand is against doing a DNA test. Meanwhile, the anticipatory bail plea submitted by Binoy will be considered by the Mumbai Dindoshi Sessions Court on Monday.

Binoy’s attorney argued that the woman is trying to cheat money through blackmailing. The prosecution, on the other hand, opposed Binoy’s bail plea by saying that it will affect the probe.

Ashok Gupta, the defendant’s attorney said that the woman had made similar baseless allegations were made against Binoy in the past. He added that there are proofs to invalidate woman’s claims regarding marriage.

Source of Nipah virus was identified, says Central Minister for Health

NEW DELHI: Central Minister for Health has clarified in Lok Sabha that the source of Nipah virus was identified.

Immediately after the outbreak, the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune deputed special teams to collect samples from Pteropus or fruit bats, which are the main reservoir for the Nipah virus disease, the Central Minister for Health told the Lower House of Parliament.

"Out of 36 bats tested for Nipah, 12 were found to be positive for anti-Nipah bat IgG antibodies," he said.

Vardhan said a total of 50 suspects were identified and all of them tested negative for Nipah.

A total of 330 contacts are being followed up on a daily basis and no new case has been reported, he said.