Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Jayarajan’s 'Roudram' is all about deluge that shook Kerala

Maverick director Jayarajan is coming up with a film that tells the story of last year’s floods that shook Kerala. The film titled Roudram will reach theatres in July.
This is the seventh sequel to his film series on ‘Navarasas’(nine emotions). Ranji Panicker and KPAC Lalitha are the central characters of the film.

It tells the story of an old couple who got stranded at a house at Pandanadu in Chengannur. 90% of the film was shot during the last devastating flood. The rest parts were recreated scenes.” he told Kerala Kaumudi.
Dr Suresh Kumar Muttathu has produced Roudram under the banner of Prakrithi pictures. The film depicts the wrath of nature at the time of the flood.
Binu Pappu and Sabitha Jayaraj are the other stars in the film. Sachin Shankar Mannath has given music to the lines written by Jayaraj himself.
Nikhil S Praveen has handled the camera and the editing has been done by Jinu Shobha. In his last film Bhayanakam also, Ranji Panicker was the hero.
The film had won several awards.
Meanwhile, Ranji Panicker had directed a film with the same title 11 years ago. Mammotty was the star.

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