Friday, June 28, 2019

Amala Paul removed from Vijay Sethupathi's film; actress lashes out on Twitter

Amala Paul on her Twitter, released a statement using the hashtag #TheTruth to address speculations that she had dropped out of the film citing that she was not “production-friendly”. “I am writing out of my great disappointment, as I have been thrown out of an ongoing movie,” the statement read.

She has been removed from Vijay Sethupathi’s next film, tentatively titled #VSP33. The producer of this film had sent a letter to Amal Paul, informing her about the dismissal. The actor claims that in the message, the producer wrote that he doesn’t want her in the film as he couldn’t meet her demands and terms.

Amala, whose upcoming film Aadai trended globally recently, and whose teaser garnered over five million views, countered the production house’s claims that she was not production-friendly.

“It’s just a patriarchal, egoistic, traditional mindset of Chandaraa Arts Production that this is happening right after the release of Aadai teaser and my image is being sabotaged with multiple baseless rumors that are mischievously being floated around in the industry. Tamil Nadu deserves good cinema and that will only happen when this large set of traditional, patriarchal production houses change their mindset,” she said.

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