Monday, June 24, 2019

No more transfer or suspension but only dismissal, warns Rishiraj Singh

THRISSUR: Jail DGP Rishiraj Singh has sounded strong warning following his lightning raids in Kannur Central jail that brought to light shocking anomalies happening inside the four walls of the jail.
After the raid on Sunday, Rishiraj Singh spent about an hour in the jail and came out with a warning.

“Till now, if some irregularity was spotted, the officers responsible were given a transfer or suspension for namesake. But now onwards, the responsible cops will be expelled from the service,” he stated.

Rishiraj Singh said that the findings in the raid pointed fingers at the relationship between prisoners and jail officials.

He warned of raids to find out irregularities committed by jail employees. He also warned against leaking details of raids and other jail matters to media, as well.

In the raid conducted in Kannur Central jail on Sunday, four mobile phones, Rs 2500, 20 gm ganja, many chargers and plug holders were recovered. It was the raid on the second consecutive day in Kannur jail.

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