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yam is used in traditional medicine systems, and in Ayurveda it is used for numerous illnesses ranging from minor ailments such as coughs through to improving the quality of sperm and and for liver and spleen disorders. As a vegetable the tuber is used to threat piles and hemorrhages. The tubers are prescribed as medicine in Ayurveda to treat piles, dysentery, asthma, swelling of lungs, vomiting and abdominal pain. It is used as a blood purifier. The paste of tubers is applied externally to reduce pain in arthritis. In India,
yams are eaten only as a supplement to cereals. Each vegetable offers varied health benefits and has different cooking uses.
Elephant foot yam has a rich nutritional profile. It provides energy about 330 KJ / 100 g. Potassium, Phosphorous and Magnesium are the key minerals found in elephant yam. It also contains trace minerals like zinc, copper and selenium. It also contains Calcium about 50-56 mg/ 100 g and Carbohydrate content about 18-24 %. , fiber 0.8%, water content is about 75 %, protein content 1.7-5.0%. It has omega-3 fatty acids which are known to increase the good cholesterol levels in the blood.
Diosgenin, a molecular hormone which has potential anticancer effects, is found in yam, and it also has vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin A.
CHOLESTEROL : Elephant Foot Yams lower bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol and thus help to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer.
ASTHMA : In Ayurvedic Medicine this yam is well known for helping with asthma and bronchitis.
LOWER BLOOD SUGAR : Eating this yam for 90 days lowers a blood sugar level and lowers the amount of insulin or blood sugar lowering drugs a person needs.
ABDOMINAL PAIN : Eating Elephant Foot Yam also helps with diarrhea and abdominal pain and gas
MUSCLE SPASMS - Eating Elephant Foot Yam also helps to prevent muscles spasms.
CANCER : Elephant Foot Yams contain lots of great fiber that creates a wonderful home for probiotic Bacteria thus helping to boost your immune system and prevent colon cancer. Also it contains diosgenin... which is being researched for treatment and prevention of cancer.
WEIGHT LOSS : Elephant Foot Yams are full of great fiber which make one feel full and thus you lose weight.
ESTROGEN: Women who eat Elephant Foot Yams find they have good hormonal balance.
PROSTATE : Elephant Foot Yam if boiled with buttermilk and tamarind makes a great treatment for enlarged prostate.
ANTICOAGULANT : Elephant Foot yams also contain powerful anticoagulant compounds that help to prevent heart attack.
CONTAIN : Elephant Foot Yam contains zinc for boosting up your immune system, phosphorus for strong bones, potassium for water regulation, B-6 for PMS(Premenstrual syndrome) , copper and iron for anemia, calcium for strong bones, and many more trace minerals plus Vitamin A which is a powerful antioxidant.
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY : Elephant Foot Yam is a good anti-inflammatory agent that helps with inflammation of the joints such as arthritis. 
BLOOD PRESSURE : It helps lower blood pressure. 
ANTIOXIDANT : Elephant Foot Yam also is a powerful antioxidant helping to slow the ageing process and prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer.
LIVER CLEANSING : Elephant foot yam is a good liver cleaning agent because it contains great fiber that helps to cleans the liver of toxins. 
PAIN KILLER : Elephant foot yam contains a mild pain killing agent making it great for arthritis and other painful diseases. 
ANTIBACTERIAL : Elephant foot yam also contains powerful antibacterial compounds.
RELAXING AGENT : Elephant foot yam is some what relaxing having an effect that is similar to diazepam on the nervous system ...making it great for stress.
LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX: Elephant foot yams have a very low glycemic index making them great for diabetics and for weight loss.
OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS : Elephant foot yams contain a lot of great omega 3 oils that are important for preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer
 COOLING : Eating Elephant Foot Yams helps cool the body  

Health benefits of Ivy gourd
Coccinia grandis, the ivy gourd, also referred to as baby watermelon. Apart from their delightful taste Ivy gourd is a good source of nutrients, vitamins and mineral. Its iron content about 17.50% and calories about 18 Kcal./cup. Also has Vitamin B2, vitamin B1 Dietary fiber and Calcium etc..
Iron can be obtained both from vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Iron rich food is included in our diet plan for eliminating unexplained or long-lasting fatigue that may occur in both men and women. Fatigue is caused due to iron deficiency.One Ivy gourd consist of 1.4 mg of Iron which is 17.50% of the daily recommended value. So, the inclusion of Ivy gourd in your diet keeps you fit, healthy, and energetic, both internally and in your external life. Iron deficiency may often cause body weakness, severe fatigue and other related health ailments. people lacking iron cannot perform normal function in an optical way.
Protects the Nervous System
Vitamin B2 is a water soluble vitamin. Body needs a daily dosage of it since it cannot be stored in the body. It plays a major role in energy production and symbolizes an essential nutrient in your diet. Ivy gourd, with its nutrients, vitamin, and antioxidants help in strengthening the nervous system. Ivy gourd help in dealing with numerous nervous related problems such as Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, numbness, multiple sclerosis, anxiety and among others. It is believed that Ivy gourd along with vitamin B6, is effective for handling the painful symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 
Maintains a Healthy Metabolism
Thiamine help in the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose, which is the favores source of energy that the body runs off of to help keep metabolism running effortlessly. It also helps break down proteins and fats too. After eating Ivy gourd which contains thiamine, it is transported in the blood and plasma and then used by the cells to convert energy. Ivy gourd consists of 0.07 mg of Vitamin B1 which is 15.83% of the daily recommended value.
Thiamine found in Ivy gourd also plays an important role in the manufacture of red blood cells, which are used for constant energy. Since thiamine as well as other B vitamins are naturally energy boosting and essential to create ATD from foods, you will often discover B Vitamin Complex supplements catagirized as "energy boosting" or even "healthy metabolism" products. Ivy gourd consumption in supplement from is also sometimes given to patients to help correct metabolic disorders related with genetic diseases.
Fiber Keeps the digestive tract healthy
Main benefits of fiber rich diet are improving the health of the digestive system. Dietary fiber plays an important role in increasing the weight and softens of your stool. Frequent consumption of Ivy gourd is important to add bulk to the faeces. Increased fiber intake benefits a number of gastrointestinal disorders including the following: duodenal ulcer, hemorrhoids, gastro esophageal re flux disease, constipation, and diverticulitis.
Soluble fiber slow down the rate of digestion, which is usually overridden by insoluble fiber, which does not absorb water and speeds up the time that food passes through the gut and keeps your digestive system healthy.
prevents Kidney Stones 
Kidney stone is in fact crystallized form of calcium as well as other minerals deposited within the human urinary tract. Most typical form of kidney stones is oxalate stones. Before, it was supposed that higher consumption of calcium intake or high calcium absorption may result in kidney stones, however the modern research proves that higher dietary calcium intake reduces the chance of kidney stones significantly. In short dietary calcium present in Ivy gourd does not result in kidney stones but in fact excess calcium present in water leads to kidney stones. Other factors like high oxalate consumption of  leafy vegetables like spinach and less fluid consumption may result to kidney stones. Frequently consume ivy gourd to be far away from kidney stone. 

Health benefits of Ash gourd

Ash gourd is a highly nutritive vegetable with vitamin B and C along with crucial minerals that the body needs like calcium, potassium, iron and phosphorous and also fiber. Ash gourd has lot of moisture content and also minute amounts of fat, fiber, carbohydrates and protein. It has a calorific value of 15. It has seeds which contain a light yellow coloured oil. 

Health benefits

Peptic ulcer: it is an efficient remedy for relieving peptic ulcer. Ash gourd juice mixed with equal quantities of water should be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. There should be a gap of about two to three hours before any food is consumed. This juice is also beneficial in the inflammation of alimentary canal.
 Help stop bleeding: Ash gourd is a natural anti-coagulant and thereby helps control bleeding. Although Ash gourd works wonders for internal bleeding. if taken regularly, it helps stop nose bleeds that occur commonly in summer. Along with that, conditions like haematuria(blood in urine because of internal bleeding in kidney,), bleeding through ulcers, piles, and other such internal bleeds can be stopped by consuming ash gourd juice.
Intestinal worms:  seeds of ash gourd should be shelled and mixed with coconut milk. They are beneficial in promoting tissue growth and expelling tape-worm and other parasitic worms from the stomach.
Dandruff& mouth ulcers: The seeds and the peel of ash gourd should be boiled in coconut oil and applied to hair which prevents dandruff, dryness of the scalp and promotes hair growth.
Thyroid: Regular consumption of ash gourd juice is beneficial in reducing symptoms related to thyroid disorders.

Health benefits of drumstick

Drumstick offers all type of nutritional advantages and in addition cures numerous health conditions. Drumstick, from the stems, leaves and seeds are recognized to have got therapeutic qualities.Drum sticks are recognized to have a great content of vitamin B(423 mg),vitamin C(120 mg), lots of minerals like sulphur(137 mg), potassium(110 mg), phosphorus(259 mg), calcium(30 mg), Magnesium(24 mg), iron(5.3 mg), calorie(26), water etc..

Health benefits

Fights cold and flu:if you are experiencing low because of cold as well as sore throat, have drumstick soup to get comfort immediately. Drumstick leaves are commonly known to get therapeutic qualities and is also beneficial in dealing with asthma, wheezing along with other respiratory system difficulties.
For strong bones: The green vegetable has a large quantity of iron, vitamins as well as calcium. Drumstick recognized to offer healthy and strong bones and are also believed to purify the blood. Drumstick leaves particularly are said to be the blood purifier.
Impotency:Drumstick extremely helpful for treating the problem of sexual debility and enables in the better operating of the male along with Female Sterility. It is utilized to prevent impotency, semen thinness, as well as early ejaculation etc.
Increases bone density: after consuming drumstick regularly for just two months it's been proven that it raises the density of bones. This is extremely great for growing up kids.
Pregnancy and Lactation: Using this tonic on a regular basis by pregnant women will supply them with essential calcium, iron and vitamins. It will help them get over slowness of uterus, help easy delivery reducing post-delivery problems. A vegetable prepared from leaves boosts breast milk soon after giving birth. The vegetable is prepared by boiling the leaves along with salt and water. The water is then drained off and they are smeared together with ghee and eaten.
Digestive disorders: Drumstick is additionally useful for digestive complaints. A teaspoonful of fresh leaf juice, combined with honey plus a glassful of tender coconut water is offered 2 or 3 times like an herbal medicine throughout the management of cholera, dysentery, diarrhea,colitis, and jaundice.
Avoid infection: Drumsticks have a superior content of anti-bacterial qualities and are also valuable in avoiding infections within the throat, chest, as well as skin. Drumstick leaves and also flowers are utilized in preparing soups since they are anti-biotic naturally. It may also be utilized in dealing with fungal skin ailment.
Reduces cancer level:Constant ingesting of drumstick and its leaves decreases the probability of creating cancer by 80% and it has been proven females who are victim of breast cancer recover fast out of this sickness.
Reduces Intestine tumor or ulcer : Intestine tumor or even ulcer could be decreased and lots of tests have been carried out in past that was optimistic in lessening size of ulcer just by offering drumstick extract.
Lowers Uterus Fibroid : It lowers the size of cyst on uterus; therefore it will help in lessening the pain underneath the naval in ladies. In certain villages still this method is utilized by middle-aged woman’s to cut back the pain sensation in abdomen.
Improves vision of eye and retina: It enhances the vision of eye additionally clears the toxins through the retina that boosts the lifetime of retina.
Reduces Diabetic level: In 1982 few experiments were carried out in Tamil Nadu on 36 diabetics. Out of which 30 individuals demonstrated optimistic outcome of decreasing sugar level within blood.

Health benefits of Snake gourd

Snake gourd contains a rich variety of nutrients, vitamins,and minerals that are essential for human health, including significant levels of dietary fiber, a small number of calories, and high levels of protein. Snake gourd possess vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B vitamin C  as well as lots of minerals like manganese, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, and iodine.

Health benefits of snake gourd include its ability to improve the strength of the immune system, reduce fevers, detoxify the body, improve the digestive processes of the body, increase hydration in the body, treat diabetes, boost the strength and quality of the hair, and aid in weight loss.Juice from the leaves can also stimulate vomiting in case something toxic has been consumed.

Health benefits

Detoxify the body: snake gourd has been used as a diuretic in traditional medicine for many years, as it stimulates the liver and increases urination, thereby speeding up the eliminations of toxins from the body. It also increases the creation of bodily fluids, which can eliminate dryness and dehydration, which also helps in the normal functioning of the kidneys and bladder. 

Digestive issues: Children with bowel problems have been given snake gourd to ease their discomfort, as it acts as a mild laxative. Furthermore, the high fiber content of snake gourd can help anyone with bowel disorders and can eliminate constipation, reduce cramping and bloating, and optimize the nutrient absorption process in the body.

Respiratory System: Snake gourd functions as an expectorant, loosening pus and phlegm in the sinuses and respiratory tracts so that they can be eliminated. This further benefits the immune system, as toxins and other foreign agents often get caught in phlegm and mucus to cause more serious conditions.

Hair Health: For people suffering from alopecia, snake gourd is said to stimulate the growth of new hair and protect weakening follicles from hair loss. This can be attributed to its rich mineral and vitamin content, particularly its high level of carotenes, which specifically care for the skin and hair. It is also claimed that snake gourd can reduce the frequency and intensity of dandruff.

Diabetes Control: The low-calorie, high-nutrient composition of snake gourd makes it a favorite anti-diabetic food source, and can also lessen the effects if the condition already exists. Obesity is one of the major signals of oncoming diabetes, and snake gourd functions as a great dietary option due to its effect of making you feel sated and satisfied without adding many excess calories.

Immune System: Some research has shown snake gourd to have antibiotic properties, and when combined with the levels of antioxidant carotenes and vitamin C found in the vegetable, this helpful gourd can significantly boost overall health. The specifics of what conditions the antibiotic effects are most useful for is still a subject of research.

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