Thursday, June 13, 2019

Govt to bear medical expenses of Rajani wrongly diagnosed with cancer

KOTTAYAM: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said the government will meet the medical expenses of Rajani, who had to undergo chemotherapy after being wrongly diagnosed with breast cancer. He informed the assembly that he has sought a report from the chief secretary on the incident.
A biopsy test conducted at a private lab revealed a small area of malignancy on the breast of Rajani, a native of Alappuzha. She had met the chief minister seeking help from the government.

She sought treatment at Kottayam Medical College on February 28 for the lump seen on her breast. One of the samples collected for examination was given to the pathology lab of the medical college and one to a private lab. The report from the private lab was obtained within a week. The doctors started treatment based on that report.

The report from the pathology lab of the medical college was obtained after the first chemotherapy. However the results received from the pathology department found the growth wasn’t malignant. The samples were later sent to RCC and they also ruled out any signs of malignancy. The lump was later removed through a surgery at Kottayam Medical College Hospital.

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