Friday, February 9, 2018

Boby Chemmannur in jail

Sangareddy (Telungana): Chemmannur International Jewellery group owner Boby Chemmannur spent a day in Sanga Reddy District jail on Thursday. He got this opportunity as part of the programme 'Jail expereince' organised by the jail department in Telungana. For this he had to pay Rs 500 as fees.

220 year old Sanga Reddy jail  was recently converted to museum by Telungana government. Social activist Ashir Ali, Yoga teacher Prashanth and Vinoy, all of them his freinds, accompanied him.

Boby said it was his long cherished dream of 15 years to experience jail life. His request for the same was turned down by Kerala police long ago, citing that only a culprits can be in jail in Kerala.

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