Friday, February 9, 2018

Chakara on Kollam seashore

KOLLAM: Those who went to buy fish on Kollam seashore on Thursday went back with their carry bag full of Sardine fish.

There was a gush of Sardine fish at fishing harbour and port during the day.

Foreseeing the Chakara, rowing boats in the sea informed the shore about it. By then fish in big quantities had reached the shore, allowing those awaited to buy fish to pick them up. In search of Chakara, boats also went into the sea. Fishermen caught fish by spreading nets within 100 metre of the port. From Port and Vadi, more than 200 small row boats set off to cash in on the opportunity. When Rs 2500 is the auction price of a basket of Sardine usually, on Thursday it was just Rs 800.

Fishermen said Chakara of Sardine occurs annually.

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