Thursday, May 12, 2016

Jisha murder: Search intensified for 'Ottappallan' Rajan

KOCHI: The probe in the murder case of Jisha, a law student, brutally raped and murdered in Perumbavoor, has taken a new turn. With the nature of the injury and the way the murder was committed, the probe now focusses on those who have committed such murders earlier.

The probe is now progressing centering on Ottappallan Raja, a notorious thief and a pervert. His act is to sexually abuse the victim first, commit the murder brutally and then escape with the stolen articles. He is a native of Puthukotta in Tamil Nadu.

The police are investigating his role after the brutal injuries seen on her body. He is an accused in the murder case of Mary at Ernakulam in 2004. He murdered her during a theft attempt at an old age home.

Though he was arrested in 2006, he was released after he served a short term of punishment. The police have intensified search for him.

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