Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vilappil panchayat for legal redressal against Govt move

Thursday, December 29, 2011: Vilappil panchayat would seek legal redressal against the state government’s decision to stay their move to shut down Vilappilsala garbage treatment plant.
The Vilappil panchayat authorities informed that they had decided to close down the plant after passing a resolution against the garbage treatment plant which operating without a valid license.
Meanwhile as a temporary solution for the present garbage issue in capital city, the Corporation has initiated necessary steps to remove the heaps of garbage piling up in almost all the streets in the city.
The heaps of garbage are being collected from various streets of the city and are being buried in huge pits dug in the vacant land near the Killippalam, by-pass road, Karamana and Niramankara areas. The local residents in the areas have come up against the corporation’s move to bury the trash in the area.
Meanwhile the state government has stayed the Vilappil panchayat committee’s move to shut down garbage treatment plant in Vilappilsala. Soon after the closure of the treatment plant, garbage is piling up on almost all the streets in the city and the stench emanating from the waste has made life miserable for local people and passersby.
Rodents, mosquitoes, and flies thrive here. Garbage also lies accumulated in various parts of the town. The city dwellers opined that they fear an outbreak of contagious diseases like dengue fever, malaria etc.
Uncertainty is looming large over the garbage disposal in Thiruvananthapuram city with the Vilappilsala solid-waste treatment plant being shut down by the panchayat authorities.
With the residents of Vilappilsala kicking up a big stink over the garbage treatment plant and the city corporation deciding to stop collection of waste from flats, apartments and hotels, a major crisis regarding waste treatment is looming over the city.

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