Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vilappilsala garbage plant will not be closed: Mayor

Tuesday, December 27, 2011: Thiruvananthapuram Mayor K. Chandrika today opined that the garbage treatment plant at Vilappilsala, which has been temporarily shut down by the panchayat authorities, will not be closed.
Speaking to the reporters here on Tuesday, Mayor added that the Central government had allotted crores of rupees for implementing the waste treatment plant and hence corporation would be held responsible if the pant is shut down.
In order to resolve the Vilappilsala issue the movement of garbage to the plant must be limited. The Corporation’s decision to suspend trash pickup indefinitely has resulted in the piling up of uncollected garbage on almost all the streets in the city for the past one week.
The stench emanating from the waste has made life miserable for local people and passersby. Rodents, mosquitoes, and flies thrive here. Garbage also lies accumulated in various parts of the town. The city dwellers opined that they fear an outbreak of contagious diseases.
Uncertainty is looming large over the garbage disposal in Thiruvananthapuram city with the Vilappilsala solid-waste treatment plant being shut down by the panchayat authorities.
With the residents of Vilappilsala kicking up a big stink over the garbage treatment plant and the city corporation deciding to stop collection of waste from flats, apartments and hotels, a major crisis regarding waste treatment is looming over the city.

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