Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kurien sexually harassed Suryanelli victim, says Dharmarajan

MYSORE: Rajya Sabha deputy chairman P J Kurien had sexually harassed the Suryanelli victim, said third accused Dharmarajan.  

In an interview to a private channel, he said that it was in his ambassador car Kurien was taken to Kumili Guest house.

Dharmarajan said the naming of one Baji by the Suryanelli victim is another person and not Kurien. The investigating official Siby Mathews had requested us not to reveal Kurien’s name, but I had mentioned his name.

Another investigating official K K Joshua had asked me to reveal his name. Why should I lie, asked Dharmarajan during the interview. Identification parade was conducted on all the accused except Kurien, he said.

Dharmarajan is the only accused convicted in the case. He had gone underground after getting bail. 

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