Monday, June 10, 2019

'Actress Sharanya Sasi in serious condition'; social worker seeks help on social media

Serial actress Sharanya Sasi, who has been under treatment for brain tumour, is in serious condition now, according to reports. Social worker Sooraj Paalakkaran had the other day taken to the Facebook to seek financial help from people for her treatment.

“Years ago, Sharanya was diagnosed with brain tumour. She herself later appeared on social media, saying that her condition had improved after expert treatment. But now, she is again down with the disease. The condition of that actress is very pathetic,” says Sooraj. He is also accompanied by actress Seema G Nair, who speaks up for Saranya, on a Facebook video.

“Several actors and actresses go through good times as long as they appear on TV or cinema. After that, if they meet with an accident or are ill, nobody bothers to even enquire about them. It would be a bad thing to show the diseased state of an artiste, so I’m not showing the video of her present state.” Sooraj explains in the video.

Sooraj says Saranya was inflicted with tumour six years ago. At that time, many artistes came forward to help her. Now, every year, the disease will show up in its worst form. Whenever the condition worsens she will be rushed to Sree Chithra Medical Institute for surgery. Seven months ago, she was operated upon for the sixth time.

Now she is getting ready for the seventh surgery. This time, it is a bit critical. One side of her body may get paralysed after the surgery. She was the bread-winner of her family. Now she is living in a rented house. Those who can help please help her, in whatever small way you can…” he requests in the video.

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