Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Conduct of 30 PSC exams may get hindered

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Despite the chief minister assuring the sanctioning of Rs 48 crore to the PSC urgently, the body has not got even a single paisa. If the fund is not allotted immediately, it would hinder the conduct of about 30 exams to be held during October and November.  It will also delay the completion of Kozhikode  online examination centre.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Every month PSC needs Rs 10 crore for its various activities. It had demanded Rs 48 crore for the next six months. Rs 41 crore is required only for the conduct of exams. Rs 5 crore is needed for bigger exams. 

The preparations for the exams should start before three month before the exam starts

The PSC secretary had written to the Finance department for the immediate release of the fund. But the finance department had in response ordered an inquiry into the PSC’s financial dealings. Later the PSC had to approach the chief minister for the fund.
In between this, the PSC chairman had to reject the promotion proposal of five additional secretaries recommended by the Finance departentmt. This also estranged the relationship between the PSC and the finance department.

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