Thursday, September 17, 2015

Consumerfed to conduct probe against Thachankary, says Joy Thomas

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Consumerfed president Joy Thomas has come to the fore against former MD Tomin Thachankary after the exposure of corruption stories. Joy Thomas said financial dealings made by Thachankary in the consumerfed is suspicious and a probe should be conducted on it.

Thachankary did many things on his own during his stint. Irregularities noticed in the maintenance work will be probed. The work to be completed by the fed director board was done by Thachankary alone. He tried to stain my image personally. He is stated to have produced 22 investigating reports and it is not known to whom it was given.

I’m ready to produce proofs of his travel expenses.  Thachankary and his aides had stated that five and a half percent incentive would be obtained from liquor. An amount of Rs 650 crore was obtained in liquor sale after Thachankary assumed office. If five and a half percent incentive is obtained then 32.5 crore should be obtained. However, 22 lakh is shown in the account. Where the remaining amount has gone, asked Joy.

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