Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chandrabose murder case: Anoop changes statement again

THRISSUR: In a dramatic twist, Anoop, the security supervisor of Sobha City and the first witness who turned hostile yesterday during the trial in the murder case of Chandrabose, a security guard of the apartment, retracted his statement today. He told the court that he had witnessed Nisham, the first accused in the case, attacking Chandrabose. He said that he retracted the statement following a threat by Nisham’s brother Abdul Razaq.

I have not seen Nisham arguing with Chandrabose. Anoop had stated yesterday that Chandrabose had an enmity towards Nisham for not sticking the sticker of Sobha City.

However, he told the court that what he said yesterday was all lies. Nisham after an argument with Chandrabose struck him with his hummer. Anoop said that his wife had asked him to tell the truth. Following that, I decided to reveal the truth before the court, he said.

The court had yesterday accepted prosecution’s demand seeking a case against Anoop for perjury.

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