Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wreath found in front of BJP candidate's house

CHERUPUZHA: A wreath and a threatening letter were found in front of the house of a BJP candidate within the Peringome Police station limits. The strange way of expressing the political rivalry was seen in front of the house of the BJP candidate Pavithran (Padinjare House), contesting from the ninth ward of Eramam-Kuttoor Panchayat.

The wreath was noticed in the sit-out on Tuesday morning when Pavithran came out of the house. He had reached home late at night, the previous day.

The letter attached to the wreath read” ‘This is red sand. You will not be allowed to flourish here..”,

Coming to know about the incident, Peringome police reached the spot and started the investigation. Wreath was later taken to the police station.  

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