Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rani Padmini...Ashiq Abu is back with a bang Movie review, story-

What I liked most about Rani Padmini is its lead players Manju Warrier and Rima Kallingal ... what they create together on screen is just magic. As Padmini, Manju Warrier is such a delight. One of the most talented actresses to have graced the screens of Malayalam Cinema, Manju Warrier made a much celebrated comeback through How old are you (2014) and was later seen earlier this year in the Mohanlal starrer Ennum Eppozhum... How Rani Padmini differs from her previous two films are that here you get to see a much more restrained liberated Manju Warrier... Thanks to the director Ashiq Abu for giving her such a character... she makes you smile and at times laugh your hearts out.  On the other side as the fiery Rani, Rima Kallingal is amazing in her most memorable performance after 22 Female Kottayam (2012).

The film is all about the journey of Rani and Padmini... how they get to meet and the sense of camaraderie that develops between them and how they end up influencing each other's lives.

The overall tone, color of this film and the way the subject has been treated  is different from the usual commercial potboilers seen in Malayalam Cinema ... The setting of the film, mostly in Delhi, Manali, Jispa and Leh adds to the uniqueness of the film as a whole. But Rani Padmini is not just the sights of Himachal Pradesh. The beauty of Rani Padmini lies not just in the visuals. There is a dialogue in the film which emphasizes that if you are leading a secluded life, how can you fly. Also in another instance, Padmini's husband Giri tells her 'You gotta do what you gotta do' ... the film, its more about two women's interesting journey to freedom. They aren't alone in this beautiful journey... there are two media persons (played by Dileesh Pothan and Soubin Shahir), a bunch of gangsters, and racers involved in the the Great Himalayan Rally which has been amazingly well shot.

There are lot of genuinely funny moments and you can’t help but praise the talented writers Syam Pushkaran and Ravi Shankar for the wonderful screenplay and dialogues. Rani Padmini is low on entertainment quotient and still it manages to hold the attention of the viewers throughout the running time. The cinematography by Madhu Neelakandan is just superb. Sound Design is also top notch. Bijibal does a fab job with the songs and background score. All the songs have been well conceived...especially the song ''Varu pokaam , parakkaam'' . My personal favourite was the lovely Mizhi malarukal with the dazzling voice of Sayanora. Apart from Manju Warrier and Rima others of the cast including Sajitha Madathil, Srinda, Jinu Joseph etc too performed well.

On the whole Rani Padmini is a sweet memorable journey. Aashiq Abu is back.

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