Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Result of Chandy rule a big zero: Pannyan

ALAPPUZHA: CPI State secretariat member Pannyan Raveendran has said the result of last four and half years’ governance in the State is a big zero. He opined that Malayalis would be voting after thinking about their future security for life. He was taking part in the face-to-face programme held at the Alappuzha Press Club on Tuesday.

“India has now become a turbulent country. Kerala was always safe in the past even when in other parts of the country, there was threat to life. But now, here also there is no peace. So, people will think before they vote. Only the Left can protect the secular character of the State and people here have realised this after many experiences. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is ready to do anything to remain in power. On the other hand Sangh Parivar forces are hurting religious sentiments in the name of God when it comes to cow slaughter. BJP has started showing its real face after being in power for some time. The chief minister has become a scare crow in front of BJP-RSS forces, which act according to their whims,” the CPI leader said, adding,  “ the Left doesn’t need votes in the name of religion and caste”.

Pannyan also made light of the concept of Third Front in Kerala, calling it a “mere day dream”.

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