Saturday, December 26, 2015

Charlie ... Dulquer Salmaan at his best !

Charlie from the word go is a very special film... It's the unique narrative, characterization and making that makes Charlie special. Director Martin Prakkat has come out with a treat for the movie buffs who are constantly looking forward to something very exciting and novel. The best thing about the film is that there is a sense of curiosity that the film creates which is maintained throughout the movie keeping us completely glued on to the screens. I don't intend to draw a comparison when I say that Charlie holds similarity with KG George's masterpiece Yavanika in one respect.

Just like in Yavanika where the central character Ayyappan is revealed to the audience through other characters in the film, we also get a clear picture of Charlie from the mouths of various characters in the movie. But the film is not just about Charlie, it’s also about Tessa (Parvathy), it’s about her unending search for this mysterious man Charlie.. She is sort of instantly attracted towards him without even meeting him and with bated breath is on the quest to meet him. Just like Tessa we the audience too wait with bated breath for Charlie. Each and every character in Charlie is notable and extremely interesting. Of course Charlie being the most interesting of all.  Unni R deserves huge applause for the brilliant screenplay and dialogues. Another major high point of the film is the cinematography by Jomon T John... his magical frames and lighting works wonders.

SubmitComing to the performances Dulquer Salmaan as Charlie who leads a gypsy life delivers his best performance till date. It’s a delight to watch him in every scene. He lights up every sequence with his beautiful mannerisms and looks which has already created a trend. Parvathy too is equally good and at times the best performer in the film. With each film she is proving that she is one of the best in the business. Nedumudi Venu and Soubin Shahir too deserves special mention.

Gopi Sunder's soundtrack is quite unique and is totally befitting the film considering the overall mood. Director Martin Prakkat in his third outing has come out with his best work. It's really difficult to ascertain the real hero of Charlie as it's a good example of a fantastic team effort. As already mentioned Charlie is quite a special film that will only multiply your love for the medium called Cinema. Go for it !!!

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