Saturday, December 26, 2015

CPM's draft organisational report slams factionalism

KOLKATA: The five-day CPM plenum that aims at organisational empowerment of the CPM will begin in Kolkata on Sunday.  A mammoth rally that will be held at Kolkata Brigade Parade ground tomorrow at 1pm will mark the beginning of the plenum. CPM is viewing the rally as demonstration of its power to regain the lost foothold in Kolkata.

The plenum will begin at Party District Committee auditorium at 4 in the evening after a general meeting that will ensue the rally. CPM politburo held a meeting in the morning to ratify the political resolution to be presented at the plenum. In the afternoon, a central committee meeting was also held in this regard.

In the draft organisational report to be presented at the plenum, there were complaints that the factionalism existing in the Kerala unit of the party had adversely affected the benefits of party membership. “The factionalism also badly affected cadres’ spirit, strict discipline and democratic centralisation. Due to factionalism, federalism grew. Factionalism grew as a continuation of neo-liberalisation. Because of this, the party leadership have had to tolerate egotistic activities of certain leaders. Such practices that will weaken the rebellious party that functions on the basis of centralised democracy can’t be tolerated,” the report said.
The report which has instructed ‘battle’ against the tendency for factionalism, however, evaluated that Kerala was able to fight factionalism to some extent.     

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