Thursday, December 31, 2015

Second part of Pay Commission submitted

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Second part of the Pay Commission was submitted to the government on Thursday. Justice C N Ramachandran handed over the report to the chief minister. Significantly, there is instruction in it to make punching system more effective in government offices.   

According to instructions in the report, salaries of late comers among the office staff should be cut. Superior officers should evaluate the subordinate officers’ performance and prepare Performance report every month. Promotions should not be merely based on seniority, the employees’ qualification and excellence should also be considered for that.

“Public holidays should be reduced to 15 from 25. Casual leaves should be reduced to 15 from 20. Restricted leaves should be 10. The government should ensure that there are 285 working days in a year. Recruitments to government services should be made twice in a year. Service Selection Board should be inducted to oversee the recruitment to important posts. Exams should be held in two phases and the time limit for Dependants law should be reduced to three years. Redeployment of excess staff should be implemented. Unnecessary deputation in the Secretariat should be avoided. Only department heads to should be allowed to use government vehicles. Medical insurance for the employees should also be ensured,” the report says.  

Water authority pay revision report was also submitted in the day. It instructed that driver post should be changed into driver cum peon post.

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