Monday, December 28, 2015

Woman killed as tree falls on her

PALODE: A woman was killed after a tree uprooted during a festival at the Shastha Temple. Seven including three children sustained injuries. The incident happened at the Kochupalakkal Shasthamnada temple in Peringamala. The woman dead has been identified as Podichi (50) of Shasthamnada. Those injured are Kunji (65), Suma (22), Vijayan (42), Padma (16), Bindu (23), Vipin (10), Vineesh (6). The incident happened last night.

The mandala chirappulsavam was being held in the temple for the last 41 days. A big tree uprooted when programmes were to be held in the temple on the last day of the festival. A branch of the tree fell on top of some women who were sitting on the ground to watch the programmes. Podichi sustained serious injuries and died and other women who sustained injuries are undergoing treatment. The body of Podichi is kept at the mortuary of Kadakkal Govt Hospital. Podichi, a widow, leaves behind her children Leela, Bindu and late Shidhi.

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