Saturday, December 26, 2015

SC to pronounce verdict in bar case on Dec 29

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court will pronounce the verdict on bar owners pleas against government’s policy that bar license need be issued only to five-star hotels of the state, on December 29. Justice Vikramjith Sen said this after hearing the arguments on the pleas. The court will reopen only in January after Christmas holidays. 

However, the verdict will be pronounced by holding a special sitting during vacation time as the judge is retiring on Dec 30.The court has completed writing the verdict in the case.The bar owners approached the Supreme Court after the high court, single and division benches upheld the liquor policy. The state government during trial had informed that they would cancel if proved that the liquor policy is anti-constitutional and discriminatory. 

The bench led by Justices Vikramjith Sen and Sivakeerthi Singh postponed pronouncing the verdict after hearing the argument for 38  hours in nine days from October 13 to 27.

When attorney general Mukul Rohatgi, Harish Salve, Aryama Sundaram, N Venkitaraman, Rajeev Dhawan, Harin P Raval, L Nageswara Rao, C U Singh, A M Chaddhal appeared for the bar owners, Kapil Sibal, V Giri and standing counsel M R Ramesh Babu appeared for the state. Kaleeswaram Raj argued favouring liquor policy for T N Prathapan MLA.

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