Monday, December 28, 2015

VS in PB or secretariat

KOLKATA: Unofficial talks were held between senior leaders in between the plenum in giving an apt section to V S Achuthanandan, a special invitee of the central committee excluded from the state faction.

In the talks held at the politburo, it was opined either to include VS or make him an invitee. VS is now in a reconciliatory condition with the party.

He led the party in the local body polls. VS himself had rejected an interview published in a magazine criticizing the leadership.  All these are an indication of change. The central leadership has directed to include VS in the jatha to be led by Pinarayi Vijayan and in the ensuing assembly polls.

The CPM central committee meet to be convened after the plenum will take a decision on VS. He is likely to be inducted in the state panel or secretariat. An agreement has been taken to make him partake in the inaugural and concluding meets of the Nava Kerala March led by Pinarayi.

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