Sunday, February 21, 2016

Again Dileep-Kavya 'marriage'!

It seems the social media nuts are never tired of gossiping about the marriage stories of Kavya Madhavan and Dileep. Now comes 2016 special – ‘Today is February 17. Both got married at Guruvayur temple. Today’s is the rarest of rare auspicious occasions, the reason why they got married today itself,” – this has been the latest contribution from online gossipers. 

However, we checked with sources close to Dileep and Kavya just to find that both were busy with their own activities during the day, in different corners of the earth. 

Dileep is in Dubai for the shoot of his new film King Lear while Kavya is busy with her business in Ernakulam.
Dileep and Kavya have not bothered to respond to the gossips. “Earlier also, similar reports have appeared about us. If we start answering each one of that, we’ll have time only for that,” both had once said. 

In a recent interview, Kavya said she was mentally prepared for a marriage but it won’t be an arranged marriage. “I shall not be able to marry one who sees me as a mere star without understanding the real me. I wish I could marry a person who is my friend first, lover next and husband last,” she had said.  

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