Friday, February 19, 2016

Kerala students beaten up in Bengaluru

BENGALURU: Three Malayali students were allegedly thrashed by local residents of Bengaluru on Saturday for reasons very trivial.  Angela Antony along with her friends Sherin and Nikhil, students of a private college in the city, were sitting on a footpath and sipping tea in the evening. When a woman in the locality asked why they were sitting there, Nikhil retorted, “what was wrong in sitting her?”. This reportedly irked the woman, who picked a quarrel with the students.

“Very soon, a crowd gathered at the spot and the woman, her husband and her well-built son started verbally abusing us. They said in Kannada that the place was theirs and we were outsiders. We could have tea only at college premises. The woman even slapped Sherin hard on his shoulder. Two of our friends tried to intervene but to no avail. Later woman’s son followed us and pulled Nikhil to the ground and pushed his face to the floor. Next, he boxed Sherin’s ribs and tweaked my hands and assaulted me. Some women relieved me from his grab. Some men also spread the rumour that we were smoking in public, turning the public opinion against us. It was Niranjan our friend who finally saved us from them,” narrated Angela Antony.

According Angela, Sherin’s limbs got swollen and Nikhil had a broken jaw and a sprained knee after the incident.

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