Monday, February 22, 2016

Director Vinayan takes exception to Mohanlal’s blog

KOCHI: Director Vinayan has come out to criticise actor Mohanlal for his blog post censuring JNU agitation. Vinayan said Mohanlal’s statement would only be instrumental in the political exploitation of the situation.  

“If we have to live in an undying India, not just brave soldiers’ mental strength is enough, the administrators should also have the maturity to hold Indians together, irrespective of their caste or religion. The people should also be able to conceive that,” Vinayan wrote on his post.

Vinayan has demanded that discriminative activities that have the potential to push the country into another partition be not allowed. “If some people try to destroy our nation in the name of communalism, it will be a big wrong done to the souls of jawans who had sacrificed their life for protecting the nation.  India is a country of pluralism. All people here, be they Hindus, Muslims or Christians, have the right to express their opinion freely. That is what makes India different from other nations. That is also its power,” Vinayan opined.

Mohanlal had commented that parents should send their children to universities of culture.

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