Monday, August 31, 2015

Local polls can be held in November last, govt tells HC

KOCHI: The state government Monday informed the Kerala High Court that the local polls can be held on November 24 or 26. The affidavit produced by the government had stated that the new administration can assume power on December 1. The government also said that as the polls are delayed, the charge can be given to the administrator. As the election commission has the right to announce the date, the government has not specified a special date in the affidavit. The polls are held in new municipalities and Kannur corporations. Usually the polls are held in October and the new administration assume office on November 1st.

The government has informed the court that they have reached an accord with the election commission to conduct the polls in November. The election notification will be released on October 19. The final list of the block panchayat will be published on September 14 and the list of the district panchayat on September 16. The final list of reservation wards will be published on September 17 and ward bifurcation can be completed on that day itself. The votes will be counted on November 28.

The court had earlier approved the formation of new municipalities and Kannur Corporation.

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