Sunday, August 9, 2015

Police can’t be blamed for Mannuthy accident: DGP

KANNUR: Regarding yesterday’s incident in which a mother and a child were killed during vehicle inspection, DGP T P Senkumar has said that there was no fault on the part of the police.

“In the examination conducted, it has been found that Rasheed who was riding the bike did not possess driving licence. On the other hand, the SI delayed proceedings that he should have initiated  soon after the accident,” he added.   

According to the police chief, Rasheed had not worn helmet while riding the bike. Seeing police officials inspecting vehicles, he made an attempt to escape from the police, resulting in the accident. “He injured not only himself but also caused the death of his wife and child. Blaming police for anything will hamper the vehicle inspection,” he said.      

Sen kumar added that inquiry is being conducted into the alleged corruption in the name of the renovation of police headquarters. “There have technical flaws but we can’t say that this was done for monetary benefit,” the police official said. 

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