Thursday, October 15, 2015

Upalokayukta makes reference to his caste during trial

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Upalokayukta Justice K P Balachandran has asked whether he was not given documents related to bar bribery case because he belonged to Scheduled cast.

The judge threw up this controversial question while considering the bar bribery case against Finance Minister K M Mani. Following this there was also a heated argument between Lokayukta and Upalokayukta.

The arguments beween Lokayukta Justice Pius C. Kuriakose and Upalokayukta K P Balachandran took place over sending summons to Bar Association Working president Biju Ramesh’s driver Ambili.

The government had earlier handed over documents related to Bar case to Lokayukta but Upalokayukta was not given any document. This was what irked Balachandran, leading him to make reference to his Scheduled Cast status in his argument.  During the end of the argument, Lokayukta decided to send summons to Ambili.

 The case will be taken up again next month.

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