Sunday, October 18, 2015

Vedas order killing of 'sinners' who kill cows : RSS mouthpiece

MUMBAI: Justifying the lynching of 50-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri over beef rumours, the RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya recently carried a cover story stating that the Vedas permit the killing of “sinners” who slaughter cows.

In the article titled ‘Is Utpat ke Us paar’, writer Tufail Chaturvedi alias Vinay Krishna Chaturvedi slammed the writers for returning their awards and stated that while they expressed their resentment over the death of Akhlaq, they completely ignored the fact that the latter had killed a cow.

Citing several instances of Vedas that prohibit cow slaughter, Chaturvedi expressed that 'cow slaughter is an issue of honour for Hindus and for social harmony it is important that we respect faiths of each other.

 People who kill the 'sinners' (one who slaughter cows) will be glorified and remembered by the society, claims the article.

The article also vouches that all the Muslims, including Akhlaq, were Hindus until a few generations ago.

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