Friday, January 15, 2016

Campus selfies to get banned soon

KOZHIKODE: As students are going nuts about selfies, the ban on selfies are soon to come in schools. The students are more interested about taking selfies in school uniforms at public places, especially on roads. As this is the situation, the district education department has decided to ban mobile phones on school campuses based on the recommendations of District Traffic department and health experts.

The tendency to take selfies excessively is being viewed as a kind of psychic defect. This is called selfitis. The traffic department will conduct awareness programmes in schools to reduce accidents and other issues that students usually meet with while taking selfies.
Recently, a group of students who tried to take selfies on a zebra cross were dispersed by the traffic police with sufficient warning. Besides this, the police said they had also received reports from health experts regarding students’ selfie-linked problems.

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