Monday, January 18, 2016

Installing cameras at offices won’t ensure transparency: Jacob Thomas

KOCHI: Making a veiled attack on the chief minister, DGP Jacob Thomas, said that installing surveillance cameras at offices will not bring transparency in administration and going by the present situation, the cameras will have to be installed all over Kerala.  

He was speaking at the workshop ‘Azhimathiyum Madhyama Jagrathayum’ (Corruption and Media Alertness) organised by Ernakulam Press Club.

“In the State, honest and competent government officers are just 10 percent of the total number of officers. Officers do not have legal obligation to obey people’s representatives. The attitude that the representatives are big in democracy should change. Government officials are not puppets in their hands and they also have their rights as citizens. Officials can’t be suspended for a long time on the basis of mere allegation. According to service rules, an official can’t be suspended for more than three months. Action can only be taken only on the basis of proper evidence,” he said in reply to the question that investigations against top IPS, IAS is heading nowhere.

He said that a politically and monetarily powerful but tainted person can divert investigation against him. 

Jacob Thomas said certain media groups had been trying to eulogise corrupt politicians. “Corrupt people can be seen in all sections. Officials should respond against corruption. Media should come out to support officials fighting corruption,” he added. 

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