Saturday, January 9, 2016

Graft allegation in Kottayam district youth festival

KOTTAYAM: Corruptions of allegation has reared its head in Kottayam district youth festival, also. A judge invited to select the winners himself has made the allegation that he was offered bribe to sabotage a competition result.

It is reported that the judge was offered money if he gave A grade to a particular student participating in an item. It is also said that mafia agents have been approaching judges in the competitions with big offers.

The above allegation was raised by a dance teacher named Shaan, who was one of the judges.

“I was offered Rs One lakh for first prize, Rs 50,000 for second place and Rs 30,000 for third place. It was a participant’s father who had called me, introducing himself as a Youth festival committee member,” he said.  

Meanwhile, DPI said the judge’s allegation was of serious nature. In Malappuram also same allegation was raised.

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