Saturday, January 9, 2016

Chennithala’s role in torpedoing Kubera operation should be probed: V S

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Opposition leader V S Achuthanadan has said Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala’s role in allegedly sabotaging the government’s Kubera operation against ‘blade’ mafia should be probed.

“Since the court itself has said that the Kubera operation was a fraud, the home minister and investigation officers should clarify how many crores they have siphoned off the operation,” VS said in a statement.

“The court had said that the government’s decision to change the investigation officer three times as demanded by an accused brought out the foul play in the inquiry. The accused had demanded Rs 45 lakh from a housewife for returning her mortgaged property even though she had paid back Rs 10 lakh against Rs 6 lakh loan. The home minister had intervened to change the investigation officer three times. This proves that home minister and the police officers had used the Operation as a means to “fill their pockets” through corruption. The operation was used protect the blade mafia and not to help their gullible victims,” his statement said.  

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