Monday, January 11, 2016

New generation films rewriting conventional concepts: Lenin Rajendran

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Veteran film maker Lenin Rajendran has said there are many good sides to new generation cinema. The exponents of the new generation cinema have been able to rewrite the way in which a theme used to chosen and the way in which a story used to be told. “They proved that a story can be said in that way also. Among them, some are good and some are dud,” he said at a meet-the-press programme held at Kesari hall.

Among the new generation film directors, there are also people who make an exact copy of foreign films. “This has happened from time to time. I have taken cinemas about isolated people. The next film will also be of that kind. Unlike the normal perception, I didn’t see Swathithurnal as a superhuman, while making film about the king. I saw him as the person who had turned against the era in which he lived. ‘Makaramanju’ showed the weakness of artist Ravivarma and the mental torture he had to undergo in his period. In Kulam, Marthandavarma was not eulogised. Edavapathy was also a search on the life of those who had been alone in life. The film is also about the dream and pain of Tibetan refugees,” he said.      

Lenin Rajendran said Edavathy had many interruptions. Jagathy Sreekumar met with near fatal accident while going to the shooting location of the film. Manisha Koirala also said she was ill, in the midst of the shooting and subsequently came to know Cancer had struck her down. Later she survived the disease and retuned to act.  

Lenin said among his films, Vachanam, the first film to talk against God man, is his favourite. “I have welcomed both flops and successes in my filmi career but I am not game for directing films according to changing trends. That is the reason why there are long gaps between my two films. My biggest heartbreak was, however, ‘Prem nazeer ne Kanmanilla’,” Lenin said adding that crisis and problems reinforces the very existence of Cinema.

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