Monday, February 1, 2016

Benny Behanan-Saritha telephonic talk is out

KOCHI: The telephonic talk between solar scam accused Saritha S Nair and Benny Behanan that is claimed to be an important evidence in ‘the solar mess’ was made available to the media on Monday. Saritha submitted the CD of the talk to the Solar Commission in the morning, following which TV channels started flashing the conversation.

Benny Behanan opens the conversation with Saritha by asking whether she had not contacted Thampanoor Ravi. He also advises her to be take a practical stand on the issue. He assures her that nothing will happen to her.

Saritha: “Sir, do you know how have I lived all these days. For everything I am getting caught.
Benny: Nothing will happen to you
Saritha: For protecting the government, I have had to go through bad experiences
Benny: I’ll  bring this to the notice of the chief minister
Saritha: I also have the visuals of Sreedharan Nair meeting up with Mallelil Sreedharan Nair
Benny: Hmm…

The telephonic conversation of Chief minister’s former gunman Salim Kumar instructing Saritha how to give statements before the Commission has also been leaked to the media.  

When Salim Raj asks Saritha to say that she had not seen Oommen Chandy at Kadaplamattathu, she replies that if she says so it will affect her other cases. Salim coaxes Saritha not to give any statement with allusions to the chief minister.  

Salim Raj also asks her to say that she had not talked to him immodestly and that she gave a different statement earlier as urged by Investigation officers.

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