Monday, August 29, 2016

CPI mouthpiece slams M Swaraj

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: An article harshly criticizing CPM MLA M Swaraj was published in the mouthpiece of the CPI. The article published in Janayugam has called Swaraj a communist donkey who doesn’t know history. The article has asked the Marxist leadership to identify such crooks.

Swaraj had scorned at the flag of the CPI. Fake Marxists who doesn’t know history will say many things. Nobody should forget that CPI’s student wing AISF had wrested control of the union at Patna University. The AISF led by Kanhaiya Kumar wrested power at the JNU in Delhi also. Red flag for them is not a cheap cloth. When the children of Patna have made communism their life theory, Swaraj is unaware of the CPI and communism.

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