Friday, August 26, 2016

Jaya Surya now joins the bandwagon against street-dogs

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: There are many including celebrities who make passing comments on an issue when it becomes a topic of hot discussion. Most of them don’t come out with any creative or constructive solution and make any effort in their capacity to solve the issue. All they do is make some Facebook postings and forget about it. When a hue and cry is made about dog bites, little is talked about failure of the mankind to take precautions to avoid such incidents.

Actor Jayasurya today came out with his take on the street dog issue.

On his Facebook post today, he has asked whose life is more important – a dog’s or a child’s. At least, the value of street dogs should be given to the people. If solution to the street dog issue is not found, the youths themselves will find a solution to this. He has posted his comments under the title ‘Patti ni’.    

His opinion also reflects his aversion for existing law against killing of street dogs. He asks those who passed the law what they would do if the dog bites them. “If their son is bitten by dogs, will they ask him why he didn’t climb up a tree when the dog chased him?” he asks.

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