Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SBTEU express resentment over transfer or SBT CGM

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Expressing strong protest over the vindictive transfer of SBT Chief General Manager Adi Kesavan by the SBI Management, State Bank of Travancore Employees Union (SBTEU) Wednesday demanded the latter to withdraw its decision who played a pivotal role in paying back the lost money to customers in the recent ATM fraud in the State. "It is really shocking that the Chief General Manager of SBT is transferred and relieved, that too to SBI, Hyderabad all of a sudden. This high ranking upright official, who has expressed concern over the manner in which the SBI Management was stream-rolling the process of merger violating all good governance and transparency practices, is being sidelined. And in his place, a new CGM from another Bank is appointed, Union General Secretary KS Krishna said here. "It may be recalled that it was CGM S Adikesavan who came before the media and reassured and restored confidence in the Customers, especially those who lost money in the recent ATM Fraud in one of the outsourced ATMs of SBI in Thiruvananthapuram. Even though it was an SBI ATM and many SBI Customers also lost money, no one from the SBI cared to assure the Customers. SBT promptly paid the lost amount to its Customers. Adikesavan played a pivotal role in this regard. Such a gesture was widely appreciated whereas SBI's lukewarm response drew severe criticism from the Customers."

"This SBI Management owes a reason to the public as to why the CGM was transferred. But alas, such reasoning or explanation is not in the code of governance of country's largest Bank," he added. "With this vindictive action against a people-friendly Public Servant, SBI Management is again showing its anti-Employee attitude. SBI Management is challenging rule of law. SBI Management is challenging the people of Kerala. What is in store for the people of Kerala after annihilating SBT has been amply demonstrated by the SBI Management now itself," he added.

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