Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Don’t obstruct people going to work on strike day: Justice J B Koshy

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Human Rights Commission Justice J B Koshy has said employees going to work during September 2 strike day should be given protection by the government. The government should make necessary arrangements so that those who are willing to work are not inconvenienced.

“People have the legal right to strike work but it is not their fundamental right. Doing a work is their fundamental right and hence no one can prevent a person from working,” he said at a press conference here on Wednesday.

“We have to consider the fact that daily wage employees and those under probation can’t afford to strike work. In the name of hartal and strike, antisocial elements destroy public properties. In that case, the government should compensate; it should compensate damages caused to private properties also. The amount for this should be collected from the ‘destructors’. There is a Supreme Court ruling that not allowing employees to work is an offence. If the government doesn’t intervene in this case wilfully, the judiciary will have to..,” he said.
After his five year term as Human Rights Commission chief, Koshy will retire on September 4. He said he had disposed of 54000 cases over his five-year tenure.

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