Thursday, October 15, 2015

'Ampillai-Pempillai Orumai' in Idukki

THODUPUZHA: Male-female ratio is same (1:1) in Idukki with a magic figure. When the filing of nomination paper ended late night on Thursday, people and administrators were amazed to see the magic figure. The ratio stood on the magic figure 3353:3353.

As many as 6203 persons filed nomination papers for wards, excluding municipalities. Among them 3353 are men candidates and 3353 are women candidates. 5343 persons filed nomination for panchayat election and of that 2637 are men and 2706 are women.

In block panchayat, 629 submitted the nominations and of that 333 are men and 296 are women.
In district panchayt, 130 persons filed nominations and of that 76 are men and 54 are women.

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