Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Death of Saswathikananda: I’m made a victim for political mileage, says Priyan

KOCHI: Priyan, the alleged killer of Swamy Saswathikananda Tuesday said that he is being made a victim for political mileage in connection with the death of Swamy Saswathikananda. He clarified it in the letter sent to the media from his hiding place. Sree Narayana Dharmavedi general secretary Biju Ramesh told media that it was Priyan who killed Saswathikananda.

Priyan said the crime branch had questioned him in Saswathikananda death case. If the case is reinvestigated then I will cooperate with them. The allegations levelled by Biju Ramesh is totally baseless. I have never contacted Biju either through phone or directly. I suffered the punishment for the alleged crime of murder charges and was acquitted by the intervention of the high court. In the letter he has requested not to drag him in the issue as he is living peacefully.

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