Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Didn't Suryanelli girl have chance to escape, asks SC

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court today posed a sensational question whether the Suryanelli case victim didn’t have a chance to escape from the accused. The division bench headed by Justice Deepak Mishra asked this question while considering a bunch of petitions filed by accused in the case including the main accused Dharmarajan. The Kerala high court had also asked the same question while considering the case earlier.

“Even when the girl had chances to escape, why didn’t she use that? When she was forcefully taken to several places, she could have expressed her resentment. But nothing of that sort is seen to have happened. Under these circumstances it has to be suspected whether the girl went with accused according to her own willingness,” the court observed.

But the court said the accused in the case cannot be granted bail immediately and the court posted the case for March next year when the bail petitions will be considered. 

The accused including Dharmarajan had approached the Supreme against the punishment awarded by the high court. The accused had mentioned in the bail petition that they had not raped the girl and they only had consensual sex with the victim. “The girl had changed her statement several times during the trial of the case and hence her statements are not credible too,” the accused had pointed out.

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