Monday, October 12, 2015

Divorced on WhatsApp 10 Days After Marriage, Alleges Kerala Woman

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:  A 24-year-old Muslim woman in Kerala has alleged that barely 10 days after her wedding, her husband divorced her on WhatsApp.

"My husband sent me a message on WhatsApp saying talaq, talaq, talaq. He then called me and said the same with God as a witness and mailed me too," claims the woman. When she asked why, her husband allegedly told her, "One may be interested in apples, but will also want to eat mangoes."

Her 33-year-old husband told NDTV that he was being mentally harassed by her family. "I spoke to her over the phone, mailed her and WhatsApped her". Earlier, the family was not available for comment.
The woman, who studies in a dental college, says soon after their wedding in February 2014, her husband left for Dubai to work for a Public Relations firm. The addresses of his residence and workplace that he shared with her, turned out to be false, she said.

After her husband abandoned her, her in-laws also forced her to leave the house, the women said. Later, unable to track him down, she complained to the family court and the women's commission and has filed a criminal case against him as well.

"We are three women in our family who are emotionally, physically and financially broken. My father is no more. We cannot track him down by ourselves," she told NDTV.

The women's commission has directed the department for Non-Resident Keralites Affairs to trace the husband. The man's parents, who are in Kerala, have been issued notice to appear before the commission, said state Women' Commission Member Pramila Devi..

"This is unheard of. We are taking this case very seriously," Pramila Devi added.

The woman's mother had allegedly given the groom Rs. 10 lakh and 660 gm of gold before the wedding, which the family now wants back. The man, however, denied this. "They still have the gold we gave them," he alleged.

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