Thursday, October 8, 2015

I haven’t asked for more: Anju Varghese

Aju Varghese is an actor who shot to fame in a short span of time. This actor however courted a few controversies recently. One was that he took more remuneration than his actor-friend Nivin Pauly. But Aju now counters those allegations.

“It was baseless news. How can I, a supporting actor, demand more than the lead star like Nivin. Are Malayalis fools to believe such craps?” asks Aju.

Another allegation against him was that he had arrived late on the sets of ‘Two Countries’. But, he rejected this also. “Those who think Dileep was made to wait in that sets for me should ask the super star himself about what really happened that day,” he says annoyingly.

“I only have respect for Dileep. I got into cinema industry through the film Malarwadi Arts Club because of none other than Dileep. I also did small roles in Mayamohini and Ring Master. In Two Countries I was also able to do a lengthy role with Dileep. In these circumstances such allegations are just disturbing,” he concludes.   

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