Friday, October 16, 2015

Major setback for police in cocaine case

KOCHI: Police received a major blow in the cocaine case in which persons including actor Shine Tom Chacko was arrested by police from Kadavanthra flat. The police couldn’t collect evidence on the consumption of cocaine by the accused.    

The blood samples sent to labs in Delhi and Hyderabad were returned with the reply that they didn’t have necessary mechanism to test blood samples for cocaine presence. With this, police will have to submit a charge sheet avoiding charges of cocaine consumption by the accused.     

Assistant director Blessy Sylvester, actor Shine Tom Chacko, Tincy Babu and Sneha Babu who took model Reshma Rangaswami and Shine Tom Chacko to the flat were arrested by the police. The police had accused them of using cocaine.

When the team was nabbed by the police, seven gram cocaine was allegedly recovered from Kozhikode native Reshma’s Jean’s pocket. Following the arrest, the blood samples of the accused were sent to the labs.

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