Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SI appointment: SC upholds PSC rank list

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court upheld the rank list published by the PSC in 2013 for appointing sub inspectors in the state. The apex body cancelled the order of the high court upholding the administrative tribunal’s verdict cancelling the rank list. With this, the PSC will be able to make the appointment from the rank list. The Supreme Court has directed the commission not to dismiss those who have obtained jobs and not to replace them also.

PSC conducted the exam for the post of sub inspector in October 2010. The rank list was published in September 2013. Instead of publishing the main list and supplementary list after the preliminary, the PSC published the consolidated list and it turned into a controversy. Following that, a group of candidates approached the administrative tribunal pointing that reservation principles have been sabotaged. The tribunal then cancelled the list. Other candidates from the rank list later approached the high court but a favorable verdict was not obtained. They later approached the Supreme Court. The PSC published the list of 836 persons.

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